CBSE to De-Affiliate Schools in Delhi That Do Not Imply With Instructions

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will sternly take action against its affiliated schools in Delhi for violating the board’s guidelines and rules. CBSE is planning to de-affiliate all the schools across Delhi that are not tobacco free and where teaching or non-teaching staff or class IV employees are seen smoking or consuming tobacco on the school premises.

CBSE to de-affiliate schools in Delhi that not tobacco free

Previously, CBSE had set the guidelines for no consumption of tobacco on the school campus or not running schools in the periphery of 100 meters close to the tobacco vendors. It also directed school authorities to put ‘No Smoking’ on display on the school campuses. But there seems many CBSE affiliated schools in Delhi have not abided by the rules of the board they recognized to. That’s why the Delhi State Tobacco Control Department (DSTCD) has written to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to de-affiliate all such schools in Delhi that are still not tobacco free.

The DSTCD believe that the consumption of tobacco on the school campus will risk the lives of the students as well as of the staff and it should be dealt strictly. By such an action, violators will be brought under the light and they will be taught a lesson for not abiding by the rules and regulations set up by the CBSE on the school campus.

Actions to be taken against the violators by CBSE

Recently, raids were conducted in schools across Delhi in same regard that resulted in over 10% to 15% schools that have violated the tobacco-free campus regulations. The capital has implemented two stringent laws including the Delhi Act for 21 years and the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act for 14 years. Asper CBSE, the nodal officers are guided to fine the violators of the not tobacco-free schools in Delhi with Rs 200 for the first time violation and then with Rs 500 fine for the subsequent violation. In case the school authorities and the nodal officer will not be able to restrict and take action against any such violators then the tobacco cell will have to intervene and challan the schools with the hefty amount.



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