CBSE Discontinues 3 More Subjects For Students From 2018-19 Session

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced to discontinue 3 more subjects form the syllabus of Session 2018 onwards. With new implementation in the education system, CBSE has been also changing in their previous syllabus from the new session. CBSE rolled out a letter for the same & has adviced all its schools to follow it for the new session.

Earlier as well in the month of March, CBSE had discontinued 2 electives of Class 9 from 2018 sessions onwards. Now, the Board has been planning to opt out 3 more subjects from Class 11 as a new change in the syllabus from the latest session. Here are the details of the subjects that are going to be evicted from the syllabus of CBSE this session.

New Changes in CBSE Syllabus 2018-19: More 3 Subjects Discontinued

As per the latest letter issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), it has been clearly mentioned that the Board has been opting out 3 elective subjects from Class 11 syllabus from this session onwards. Check out the subjects below-

Code 067-Multimedia & Web Technology, Code 062- Dance Mohiniyattam and Code 101- English Elective.

Whereas on the other hand, the syllabus of Class 9 students have also been changed a lil bit. Here are the subjects that have been elected out of CBSE syllabus form 2018 onwards-

Code 166- Information & Communication Technology, Code 101- English Communicative and Code 354 & 454- e-Publishing & e-Office. So from this session onwards, Class 9 & 11 syllabus has become a bit easier for the students with the eviction of these subjects.

New Changes of CBSE Syllabus 2018-19

Along with the discontinuation of 5-6 subjects from Class 9 & 11 syllabus, CBSE has also merged 3 electives into similar vocational electives & form 2018 onwards these subjects will be offered as Vocational Electives to Class 11 students-

Code 053- Fashion Studies, Code 068- Agriculture and Code 072- Mass Media Studies.

Also, some subjects of Central Board of Secondary Education have been renamed with the new session of 2018 like- Sanskrit Communicative renamed as Sanskrit and Foundation of Information Technology has been renamed as Computer Applications.

CBSE has informed all the schools for the same & now the further communication regarding the new syllabus will be delivered by the Schools to the students for the new session starting from April 2018.


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