CBSE Issues Guidelines & Circulars For Safety of Children in School | Check Notification

Central Board Of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE has issued guidelines & circular on its official website recently for ensuring safety of children in the schools. Post the unfortunate Ryan incident of a child’s demise in mysterious circumstances, CBSE as an affiliation board has taken a stringent step towards inculcating proper safety measures by the management authorities running these schools. Issuing a CBSE notification on September 12, 2017 on its official website of, the Board has re-iterated the school authorities to keep strict vigilance in their CBSE affiliated school premises.

CBSE Issues Guidelines & Circulars For Safety of Children In School | Check Notification

CBSE circular number 19/2017 issued in interest of all to the heads of the institutions of all the CBSE affiliated schools on Sept 12, 2017 about ensuring proper security measures in their school premises. These guidelines have been issued by various CBSE circulars issued in the past as well while the recent one sounds to be pretty stringent as an aftermath of the Ryan school student incident. The two page notification dealing with a student studying in a CBSE affiliated school or institution and his behaviour has catered to the bigger question in the larger question as to how safe the students are inside school premises?

Citing references to more than 11 annexures that the CBSE board in the past had issued to various schools pertaining to security & safety of children in school, the CBSE notification is no less than a warning lesson for various schools which have been flouting CBSE norms and guidelines like anything for ages.

CBSE Guidelines For Safety Of School Children | Check 5 Major Points

CBSE notification released online deals with all the aspects of a child’s trauma whether is physical, emotional or behavioural, it is the sole responsibility of school authorities to maintain the balance of psych amongst its students. CBSE guidelines go on to state that the staff members and faculty shall be properly aware of all the protective laws, defying the compliance of which shall bear stringent legal action against the miscreant. These members under CBSE institutions shall be fully aware of their rights & duties towards children in CBSE schools.

For all the schools who have adhered to previous CBSE guidelines to the core still can work on ensuring safety & security of students in schools by following some recently devised guidelines and CBSE norms. School premises to have CCTVs installed at major K areas of the educational Institutions along with a safety audit carried out by a police personnel once every two months. Verification & Psychometric evaluation of staff members along with detailed analysis and background of no teaching staff of conductors, drivers, gardeners, sweepers etc shall be done and retained with the authorities as per CBSE norms.

All we hope and pray is no such heart rendering and unfortunate incidents catch hold of any innocent child’s life in these temples of education under CBSEs strict ruling & guidelines issued.

Source : CBSE


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