CBSE Reinstates Detention Policy, Scraps Bunching of Marks in 2018 | Here’s How It Will Benefit Students

Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE Board has decided to reinstate the detention policy along with scrapping the bunching of marks from the next academic session of 2018 for all the CBSE affiliated schools. The latest CBSE  norms and amendments introduced in the existing ones have been issued by the CBSE board via the release of circulars and official notifications on the official CBSE  website at online. The details of the amendments made in the CBSE norms can easily be read by visiting the aforementioned CBSE website and the gist of the same can be read here.

CBSE Reinstates Detention Policy, Scraps Bunching Of Marks From 2018

The students of Class 5th, 8th and 10th studying in CBSE affiliated schools have to bear the brunt of the recently imposed CBSE norms from the next academic session beginning from 2018. The board members in a recently held official meeting have decided to reinstate the previously existing CBSE’s detention policy which had been scrapped for some time. Earlier, students were given an option to opt out of the exams which shall be scrapped now.

Also, the board of education which is the higher conducting authority till the Senior Secondary level in schools i.e. CBSE board has also urged the schools duly affiliated with the CBSE board to avoid the bunching, hiking or inflating the marks of candidates under the head of ‘Moderation policy’ to improve the overall result of the school. This practice has to cease to exist to have greater transparency in the evaluation system adopted by CBSE schools over a period of time for their benefit.

CBSE Reinstates Detention Policy From 2018 | Here’s How Students Are Benefited

In a move to reintroduce the detention policy for the students of Class 5, 8 and 10th of CBSE schools, the board urges that it is only for the benefit of students who have been suffering from low grades in order to increase their learnability and grasping power. Also, reintroducing detention policy in CBSE schools wherein the students who get low grades and have poor performances especially in these classes are detained and given subsequent chance to appear for the improvement exams to improve their existing obtained marks and scores in some subjects improving their overall performance.

Also, if the candidate fails to score better in the improvement exam held by CBSE board, he shall have to repeat the same class which means he would not be promoted to the next class. Detaining the student in the same class shall make him learn the concepts again and give him/her more time to learn and perform better.

CBSE Detention Policy 2018 Extends Accountability Of Authorities | Here’s How

CBSE’s detention policy shall also make sure that those candidates who were taking their curriculum lightly and were not putting enough efforts to score in the CBSE exams shall have now a ‘healthy fear’ which would improve their performance. This shall also enable them to become future leaders of the world as their overall development in terms of performing under pressure shall be taken care of with reinstating the detention policy for CBSE schools from 2018.

Not ending all the benefits at this, reintroducing detention policy in CBSE affiliated schools, this shall also hold teachers accountable who would work harder on the weak students to make them score better which earlier had no accountability and transparency in the operating system of CBSE schools. All we hope and pray is that what benefits that seem a distant dream as of now shall be accomplished and achieved under the able guidance of the competent authority of Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE form 2018 on.

Source: IndianExpress

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