CBSE Result 2018 | Board Opens Post Result Helpline Numbers for Students

CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education after declaring the result of Class 12 for 2018 session has now opened post-result helpline numbers to counsel students. This is not the first time that CBSE has come up with a post result helpline number but the process has been ongoing for the last 21 years. Every year numerous students and parents get in touch with officials from Central Board of Secondary Education to get their queries answered.

The post result helpline numbers by CBSE started on 26th May – the day 12th class result was declared pan India and these numbers will continue till 9th June. Any student or parent can get in touch with CBSE officials during 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days.

This facility to avail counselling for students is provided absolutely free of cost from the Central Board of Secondary Education. Counsellors are experienced faculty, principals and other teachers on a voluntary basis.

CBSE Post Result Helpline Number

Students or parents who wish to get counselling after the result or have some general queries in regard to class 12 result of 2018 session, can get in touch with counsellors over the phone. The best thing is that CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has provided a toll-free number for Indian students. This means that anyone dialling this number will not be charged.

CBSE Post Result Counselling = 1800 11 8004.

It has also been mentioned that students or parents can get in touch with operators on this number in case of any query related to CBSE 2018 class 12 result. A notification regarding the same was released on the official website of Central Board of Secondary Education before the declaration of Class 12 result of session 2018.

CBSE had earlier issued a toll-free number for students to deal with exam stress before the exams. Now, as the results are out, CBSE has again come up with a phone number where students can get answers to their questions in regard to the 12th class result. These steps of issuing special numbers for students makes the Central Board of Secondary Education one of the most prestigious boards for education in India that is committed to the success of students.


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