CBSE School Teachers Observe ‘Black Day’ & Protest Against CBSE Safety Norms & Guidelines | Here’s Why

CBSE Safety Norms & Guidelines issued via the release of an official CBSE notification online has invited the wrath of many school teachers who feel that these norms are torturous for them. Post the crime incidents that have engulfed the CBSE affiliated schools nationwide, the protestant teachers and staff of these CBSE schools assert that the current safety norms which have been issued as guidelines from the board for the safety of children are nothing more than a torture for them. Here’s what makes CBSE school teachers perplexed and annoyed with the guidelines and circulars issued by the board to them.

CBSE Safety Norms & Guidelines, A Headache For School Teachers? 

Teachers and faculty members of schools affiliated with the CBSE board recently staged protests in Gurgaon of Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) to exhibit their anger and plight arising due to callous guidelines imposed on them by the Central Board Of Secondary Education. Voicing their opinions on the plight borne by them in the CBSE affiliated schools, the teachers observed ‘Black Day’ in the history of such cases. Being an active part of the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), more than 60 thousand staff members of the CBSE affiliated schools made sure that their voices are aired in the right direction.

This meant that the policies and norms drafted by the CBSE and imposed on the schools had to be obeyed by the teachers. No defiance of compliance of these norms could occur as the subject was highly sensitive i.e. safety of children in schools. Repeated attempts made by the association to reach out to Haryana CM bore no results and hence now the same written letter has been forwarded to the PM Modi to throw light on the subject.

Here Are Some ‘Insensitive’ CBSE Safety Norms & Guidelines For Which Teachers Protest

In one of the norms, it is mandatory to have women attendants in the buses of the schools affiliated with the CBSE used for transportation. This simply implied chucking previous bus conductors off from their duties making them leave their jobs despite of their continual service for years on the basis of just one guideline which according them had no substance. Also, in other ruling guidelines that CBSE imposed on the schools was having a psychometric test not only for teachers but for the entire staff ranging from drivers, conductors, Class IV employees etc. before recruiting them in the schools to judge the perfect fit.

All this to have better safety norms for the children in CBSE schools. But, what the Education Department of the State and CBSE as a ruling authority for the schools which showed insensitivity towards the teachers holding them accountable for any mishap that happens in the school premises.

Well, all we hope and pray is that justice is granted to the worthy teachers, faculty members and staff of CBSE schools soon.

Source: TOI


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