CBSE Scraps Spiking Of Marks In Class X, XII Board Exams 2018 | Moderation Policy Continues

CBSE has issued norms for upcoming Class X & XII board exams 2018 evaluation system recently wherein the Central Board Of Secondary Education has decided to scrap the practice of spiking of marks in the Class X & XII board exams while the moderation policy shall continue. The reforms have been brought in the evaluation system adopted by the CBSE affiliated schools to bring uniformity in the marking system for checking the Class X & XII board exam papers. Check here the details of the CBSE boards’ new rulings and instructions released pertaining to the grace marks or the moderation policy in marking the Class X & XII board exams along with the spiking of marks adopted by CBSE schools in India.

CBSE Scraps Spiking Of Marks While Grace Marks/Moderation Policy Continues | Know The Difference

CBSE recently introduced some amendments in the marking system implemented for checking the answer sheets of Class X & XII board exam papers to be introduced for the upcoming Class 10th &  12th board exams 2018  next year in terms of discontinuing with the practice of spiking of marks while moderation policy enjoys to be continued. The big question that arises is, what exactly is the difference in the two aspects of marking system as adopted by CBSE affiliated schools in India to check the Class X & XII board exam papers.

Spiking of marks refers to a practice of evaluation system wherein the marks obtained by the candidates of Class X & XII board are inflated by the board to bring about some uniformity in the pass percentage based on the past trends. The system of spiking of marks was unjust and unfair as marks were awarded not for the effort but to introduce parity in the pass percent system. The moderation policy refers to awarding grace marks to the candidates who are at the borderline of passing a particular subject or failing by a few marks only which still remains as a dilemma in the minds of many if the policy by CBSE is fair or not?

CBSE Class X & XII board exams 2018 | Scrap Spiking of Marks & Continue Moderation Policy

The board members under the able guidance of the CBSE Chairman in a meeting decided to bring a halt to the system of spiking of marks which is widely adopted by various educational institutions affiliated with the CBSE board while checking the Class X & XII board exam papers along with the moderation policy which has been a practise since times unknown. The meeting conducted on August 28, 2017 had its conclusion with majority agreeing to the fact that moderation policy was required to be continued to avoid chaos. CBSE board while marking 2017 Class X & XII board exam papers revealed not adopting moderation policy invited wrath of many parents and students who found the decision was abrupt and unruly.

The Central Board of Secondary Education had to revert its decision to bring normalcy in the chaotic order that occurred in Class X & XII board exams 2017. To avoid the same, CBSE has now decided that it shall continue with awarding grace marks to students who deserve the same by continuing with the moderation policy while evaluating the Class X & XII board exam papers 2017 but with a slight difference of mentioning the grace marks awarded on the answer sheets of the candidate.

All we hope and pray that there is no such chaos in Class X & XII CBSE board exams 2018 with CBSE taking timely decisions and efforts in favour of the young children.

Source : OdishaTV


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