CBSE is Offering Scholarship to Girls Who Scored Above 60% | Last Date to Apply 15th November

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) India has announced an extraordinary scheme for the single girl students. The CBSE is offering its single girl students a scholarship if they achieve more than 60% in their exams. CBSE claims that this initiative will encourage the parents of these girls to continue to empower them. The single girl child should have scored at least 60% or 6.2CGPA in class ten exams. Fill your forms before 15th November.

Terms and conditions to enrol for CBSE single girl child scholarship:

CBSE has made sure that the scholarship will be provided to only those single girl child students who aim to continue their education further in the eleventh and twelfth standard. The CBSE education board also wants to make sure that the limited scholarship funds do not end up being used by people who do not need them.

To ensure this, another clause in the CBSE notification says that any single girl child whose tuition fees is more than 1500 Rupees per month shall not be considered for the scholarship. The tuition fee in the next couple of years can only increase by 10% annually for consideration of the scholarship. CBSE has not disappointed its NRI single girl child students either and offers the same benefits to the single NRI girl child if her tuition fees is less than 6,000 Rupees per month.

The CBSE scholarship, however, will be given only for the maximum period of two years and the renewal of scholarship at the end of the eleventh standard will be done only if the single girl child obtains at least 50% of marks. CBSE will reportedly give a scholarship of 500 Rupees per month. The online window for filling form is 15th November.

Procedure for the single girl child to apply for the CBSE Scholarship: 15th November last date

A single girl child who has passed her CBSE examination of class ten can apply for the scholarship if she is an Indian National by birth. The girl should be continuing her education in class eleven in CBSE affiliated schools only. The online form for a scholarship for the single girl child is available at the CBSE website which can be filled only till 15th of November. The form is to be downloaded and attested from the School Principal. All the forms and requested affidavits are to be sent to the Scholarship Unit of CBSE in New Delhi.

Source: CBSE


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