CBSE To Extend 3-Language Formula Till Class X & Exclude Foreign Languages From 2018 | Know Details

Central Board Of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE has proposed a few amendments in the curriculum opted by schools which includes three language formula and foreign languages as a part of it from 2018 onwards. Proposing amendments for the benefit of students, CBSE which devises curriculum till higher secondary education system in India has gone a step ahead to carry out extension of the 3-Language formula from Class 8th till Class 10th and exclusion of any foreign language from the curriculum of 3-language formula.

The details of the recent circular proposing latest amendments in the school curriculum affiliated with the CBSE from the academic session of 2018 can be checked here.

CBSE Proposes Amendments In School Curriculum From 2018 | Check Notification Details Here

CBSE board has come up with the introduction of latest changes in the curriculum of the schools affiliated with the Central Board Of Secondary Education from the academic session commencing from 2018 onwards. The latest circular proposing dynamic amendments in the three language formula that has been ongoing since the times of formulation of the education board have been the talk of the town recently. The current system of CBSE deals with having students studying three languages with English & regional language is a mandatory one to be studied till the Class VIII. The board has proposed to extend the same curriculum till Class 10th i.e. the intermediate level of examination conducted by the CBSE every year.

The proposed changes are likely to be implemented from the year 2018 onwards whose discussion and proposition has come up right towards the end of 2017 this year. These propositions have been made in the eight schedule of the constitution which carries languages as a major part of the curriculum which has been devised by the CBSE itself.

CBSE Exclusion List Of Foreign Languages | Here’s What All Languages Are To Be Striked Out

The ongoing CBSE curriculum for schools offer the regions wherein Hindi is spoken as a regional language to opt for one more modern language apart from Hindi and English while non Hindi speaking states should opt for an additional language (Hindi) apart from a regional dialect. These languages shall be listed in the languages offered by the CBSE curriculum in the eighth schedule of the constitution.

Any language opted to be studied by the students in CBSE schools apart from these listed ones, for instance, German, French Mandarin etc. should be treated as fourth of fifth language by the school authorities as per proposed CBSE norms. This means giving more importance to the three indigenous languages belonging to the Indian subcontinent apart from no restrictions imposed on studying foreign languages by the students by the school board of CBSE. This would definitely curb the practice of more than 18k institutions affiliated with the CBSE board which teach foreign languages as the third language in their school curriculum.

Let us wait and watch, what proposition by CBSE results in for schools affiliated with the board.

Source: NDTV


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