CBSE To Formulate CWSN Policy For Children With Special Needs | Here Are Some Key Challenges & Expectations

CBSE as a responsible higher education system & regulating authority is all set to formulate the CWSN policy for the Children with special needs soon. Setting up a committee specially dedicated to work on the intricacies of the policy to be formulated and introduced, Central Board of Secondary Education is welcoming suggestions from the educators from various institutions in the regard. This is the greatest initiatives taken up by the CBSE for its school children who suffer from various physical and intellectual disabilities with the help from the teachers who train them. Check the details and what CBSE for these Children With Special Needs is all up to cater to them here.

CBSE To Formulate CWSN Policy For Children With Special Needs | Here’s The First Step

The process of formulation of CWSN policy for special children as they term them ain’t an easy task. The educators from varied institutions and NGOs have come forward in the big decision taken by the CBSE for its CWSN policy. The first key challenge that is posing issues in the policy-making process of the children requiring CWSN policy for their overall growth and development learning experience is ‘identification’ of these Children With Special Needs. A well drafted and set format of a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ (SOP) for this project has to be induced by the CBSE as a guideline so as to differentiate and demarcate as to the validation of the CBSEs CWSN policy on a particular set of children.

Post identification of the children, CBSE aims to cater to needs and challenges of the children with their slow learning process, examination reforms along with the performance challenges by setting up a benchmark wherein minimum level of expectations from Children With Special Needs are set in terms of their marks or learning ability or knowledge gained in the process.

CBSE Policy-Making For Children With Special Needs | Here’s What Authorities Are Up To

Ministry of Human Resource and Development went a step ahead and joined CBSE in its initiative by conducting a workshop regarding the policy making for Children With Special Needs in New Delhi recently. NGO workers, educators, stakeholders etc. in the field of education attended the workshop to target the key potential challenges that these Children With Special Needs encounter and how to counter them via the CWSN policy which the CBSE is aiming.

Major issues pertaining to the CBSE CWSN policy were raised and brainstorming session in finding solutions in formulating the right policy was carried out which included dearth of psychiatrists who could identify and assess these Children With Special Needs. CBSE has to ensure that procuring this disability certificate from doctors for Children With Special Needs is a daunting task. Other than this, the Children With Special Needs have to gain an inclusive environment and merely sharing a classroom space with other children doesn’t satisfy the quest.

Well, a proper channel and roadmap has to be made in order to formulate the best that CBSE can for the Children With Special Needs & all we can do is hope and pray that these naughty children get their due as it is high time already !

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