CBSE Forms A Committee To Formulate New Policies For Special Children Ahead of 10th 12th Board Exams

Putting an end to the worries of the parents of students with special needs CBSE has announced the foundation of a new committee which will look into the issues faced by the children with special needs and formulate new policies to make education environment better around them. CBSE, who has been in the news for the date sheet for the 2018 board exams of 10th and 12th standard made this announcement last week. There were constant rumours that the 2018 CBSE board exams of 10th and 12th standards might have preponed to February.

New Policies For CBSE Students With Special Needs

The parents of the students with special needs have often complained to CBSE about not being able to provide better environment to these kids which caused a few students to perform poorly in their 10th and 12th board exams. The inability of the teachers and non teaching staff to cater to the needs of these special kids was out in the light but CBSE is all set to make their lives better with a new set of policies. CBSE has promised a change in education infrastructure and teaching process for these kids so they perform equally well in their exams especially the boards.

The parents of these kids felt relieved that now the board will make it mandatory to the schools to give extra care and attention to these kids. In past the children with special needs were sent to special schools which specialised in the behavioural needs of these children but with CBSE taking the initiative to help these kids there will be equal opportunities for them in normal schools like the other kids.

Teachers in CBSE institutions might have to attend workshops

The new committee formed by CBSE for students with special needs aims to find ways they can learn better at schools and there is a good chance that the teachers in CBSE affiliated institutions will have to attend workshops conducted by experts on behavioural problems of these special kids. Such training in workshops will ensure that these kids have equal opportunities in CBSE schools and are taken proper care of.

Source: Tribune

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