Chandigarh to Become a Child Friendly City – CCPCR Chairperson

With recent appointment of Harjinder Kaur as the new chairperson of the Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR), the entire aim seems to be revolving around making the Chandigarh a child-friendly city. This would be a great step. We had heard the term eco-friendly before, but what does the term Child-friendly could mean? We surfed the internet and quite a few interviews to get the answer.

Chandigarh to be Child-Friendly

Not a term but a concept, way of life, the city gets its one of its kinds rarest of rare chairpersons of all times for the commission who vows to surrender her entire experience in terms of societal development to the cause of children and youth. With more than two decades of extensive experience in the field of awareness creation and development of children and youth through entrepreneurship and skill development programmes at the national and international levels and keeping child-friendly Chandigarh as her top priority, the chairperson calls herself working for the cause as Homecoming.

About the New Chairperson

Hailing from a state like Punjab which has suffered atrocities on women more than any other state of our country, Harjinder Kaur strongly feels the times have to change and change for good now. Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader and former Chandigarh municipal corporation (MC) mayor, Kaur proudly boasts of having great amount of interest and passion for the cause. Her active inclination towards the issue has not only filled the city residents with great enthusiasm to look forward to a better society but also, has set out a strong message to sleeping NGO’s and societies already associated with the cause to wake up and work. Her two decade strong leadership association by serving as the Women and Child Welfare director at the Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship speaks for itself.

Steps that need to be taken

According to the newly appointed chairperson, a lot has been done but simultaneously a lot needs to be done too. Here are a few steps that you as a Chandigarhian will encounter in some time from now:

  • A slogan with the adviser for a child-friendly Chandigarh soon.
  • No politics.
  • Social work will see its peak.
  • Pushing NGO work beyond its limit.
  • To have a system wherein Chandigarh takes pride being a child-friendly city.
  • Skill development for children to channelise their energies.
  • Focus on keeping children busy in a creative way.
  • Work in unity by sensitising welfare associations and NGO’s
  • Creating a parent-child like bond.
  • Implementation and  strict follow-up.

Sensitising the entire cause to the world, Kaur surely fills up the vacuum created over the years by silent and oppressed children. Let us head out and march forward towards making the city child-friendly by making a creative, skill-based world for children in Chandigarh. Here’s to the future population of Chandigarh – a thumbs up!


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