Top 7 Places to Eat Chaat & Golgappas in Chandigarh

If you a fan of golgappas or chat and are looking for the best place to eat golgappa / chat in Chandigarh, then this is the lit you should be following. In fact, we recommend you to try all the outlets / rehris mentioned in this list as they all have the ability to satisfy your carvings. If you live in Chandigarh, you might be familiar with some of these places and if you are a tourist, paying a special visit to these places to try golgappas or chat will be worth your time.

Best Golgappas / Chat in Chandigarh

Almost every chat shop offers golgappas and every golgappa wala will offer chat. So, we combined the list of best chat and golgappas in Chandigarh for you to go ahead and try. Apart from the taste, we have also kept an eye on hygiene conditions. Here’s the list:

  • Garg Chaat, Sector 23, Chandigarh

Sector 23 is without doubt the most famous place to eat golgappas in Chandigarh. Gard Chat in sector 23 sees a great footfall during evening hours. Sometimes, you have to wait for a decent amount of time for your turn. It is a small shop that offers chat, tikki and other such snacks but is quite famous for their golgappas.

  • Ram Chaat Bhandaar, Sector 34

We all know that it is paani that differentiates golgappas from place to another. The better the paani, the better the golgappa taste. Ram Chaat Bhandaar in Chandigarh is known for its variety of Golgappas. It is a small shop in Sector 34 market on the back side booths. 7 different types of golgappa flavors has made Ram Chaat Bhandaar so popular in Chandigarh.

  • Rehri in Sector 8 Market

A rehri in the inner market of Sector 8, located just outside the entrance to the park is another hot spot for eating golgappas & chaaat in Chandigarh. It is known as Babe ki rehri and is there since more than 25 years. People come to this place in their Audi, BMW, Merc and what not – just to eat chaat & golgappas.

  • Krishna Chaat Bhandaar, Sector 34

Yet another fab spot to eat golgappas in Chandigarh is Krishna Chaat Bhandaar. Located in the inner market of Sector 34, Krishna Chaat Bhandaar sees huge rush during evening hours. They also offer other snacks & eatables but are famous for chaat & golgappas. They have 5 types of flavored paani for golgappas.

  • Rehri Outside Sector 19 Gurudwara

Again something similar to the rehri in Sector 19, this place just opposite Gurudwara in Sector 19 witnesses great footfall for chaat & golgappas. The rehri has a lot of regular customers and is said to be doing a better business as compared to stalls in the main market area of Sector 19. Even the hygiene is good at this rehri and it is here since last many years.

  • Gobind Sweets, Sector 7

Gobind sweets is a famous sweet shop in Chandigarh. They have various outlets in the city. If you want some tangy taste of pudine wala green coloured pani in suji wale golgappe, then Sector 7 outlet of Gobind Sweets is the place to be. While it is a full fledged sweet shop, you might not find huge rush at their chaat & golgappa counter, but they are surely worth a try.

  • Thakur Chat Point, Sector 40-C

In south, Sector 40 based Thakur Chaat Point makes it to our list of top places to eat golgappas in Chandigarh. With good reviews and a decent crowd everyday during evening hours, they too offer tangy taste golgappas. Their paani is not just yum but also teekha (which most people want at the end so that the taste remains for a long time).

So, whenever you get the feeling to eat golgappas or chaat in Cahndigarh, do not forget to check out these places mentioned above. So, whom are you taking along?

Do let us know if we missed out some really cool place offering great golgappas in Chandigarh. You may mail the author at below given email address. We’ll be happy to include that in our list to help people find the best golgappas in our city beautiful.

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