Chandigarh to Soon Get 12 More Open Air Gyms | Good News for Fitness Freaks

After setting up open air gyms in Chandigarh the MCC is all set to install more open air gyms in Chandigarh. It was reported that the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh is going to set up over 12 open gyms in Chandigarh. These open air gyms will come up at different parks in the different sectors Chandigarh.

Where will the new open gyms be set up in Chandigarh?

Keeping the fact in mind that the southern sectors of Chandigarh have big parks it is believed that these open air gyms will come up in these sectors. Another factor of setting these open gyms in the southern sectors of Chandigarh is that these sectors are densely populated. The officials have decided that most of these new open gyms will come up in the above-mentioned sectors in Chandigarh. A plan to set up these gyms in parks has already been prepared by the civic body. It as per reports these open air gyms are expected to come up in sector 27, 37, 38, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 and 61 of Chandigarh.

Open air gyms in Chandigarh

A detailed plan to set up more than a dozen open gyms in Chandigarh in different municipal wards has been prepared by the horticulture department of the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh. This Plan has been set on the request of the ward councilors of the area. One of the major reasons for setting these open air gyms in more sector is to offer gym facilities to the residents in Chandigarh, especially the elderly, who cannot go for gyming regularly but are regular with a daily walk. It was also reported that the open air gyms that have already been installed in some sectors in Chandigarh are being appreciated by the residents as these open gyms are equipped with light equipments that are easy to use and people utilize the services to stay fit.

At present, there are almost half a dozen open air gyms in various parks in Chandigarh. The open gyms that have been set in different parks in Chandigarh cost between Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.25 lakh. This variation is on the basis of the number of equipments as well as the specifications of the equipment. The Open gyms that have already been set in Chandigarh are in the parks of sector 16, 24, 27, 36 and 49.

Source: Times of India


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