Chandigarh | 19-year-old Boy Found Dead on House Roof; Likely Due to Drug Overdose

Chandigarh’s drug problem has resulted in one more death of a teenager. The Chandigarh police have been suspecting that the 19-year-old died due to the drug overdose at Dadumajra Colony, Sector 38 Chandigarh. The incident happened on Thursday night when Saurabh, a 19-year-old boy died most likely due to the drug overdose.

Saurabh was treated for 6 months at the de-addiction centre in Sector 16 Chandigarh. Kaali and Saurabh were close friends and Saurabh was found dead on the roof of the house of Kaali at Dadumajra Colony, Sector 38 Chandigarh. Saurabh’s close friend Kaali is also a drug addict and he was also admitted at the de-addition centre in PGI Chandigarh.

Saurabh’s Body Found on The Roof of House 

Saurabh’s body was found by Kaali’s parents on the roof of their house in the afternoon. Saurabh’s body was immediately rushed to GHSH, Sector 16 Chandigarh by Kaali’s parents. As per the investigation, Kaali was also drunk and might also have consumed drugs on Thursday night.

Saurabh’s father said that his son left home around 7 pm and said that he was going to see a cricket match of the late night cricket tournament at Dadumajra cricket ground. He said that they tried calling him several times around 10 pm but his phone was switched off. His father was in tears and said that he received a call from Kaali’s parents that Saurabh’s body has been found on their roof of their house.

Kaali’s Parents Were Unaware Of Saurabh’s Presence At Night

An employee of housekeeping department at Judicial Academy, Sector 43 Chandigarh said that Saurabh was admitted for six months at the de-addiction centre, GMCH Sector 16 Chandigarh. Saurabh did not do anything and was at home was the past one month.

As per source, the statement given to the Chandigarh police reported that Kaali’s mother told that Saurabh was drunk when they came to their home around 9 pm. Kaali’s mother thought that Saurabh left their home after having dinner but he and Kaali went up on the roof. Kaali’s parents said that they did not know that Saurabh was upstairs on the roof as the stairs are outside their house.

The Maloya police station’s SHO said that Saurabh was a drug addict and was also admitted at the de-addiction centre at Sector 16 Chandigarh. The police have not found any external injury marks on Saurabh’s body. The police are quite sure that Saurabh consumed drugs last night and the reason of Saurabh’s death is the drug overdose. The Chandigarh police have started the investigation and the post-mortem will be done on Saturday.

Source: The Indian Express


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