Chandigarh: 200 Challans on Valentine’s Day 2019 by Traffic Police | Here Are the Details

Chandigarh: UT traffic police on Valentine’s day challan a total of 200 people for not following traffic rules. Although rainfall captivated the youngsters in a home on the day, whereas police were on alert on Valentine’s eve in Chandigarh. The number of fine issued by Chandigarh Traffic Police on Valentine’s day 2019 has been doubled from last year.

On last year, Chandigarh Traffic Police only issued 72 challans on Valentine’s day. Whereas the number of challans on Valentine’s Day for the year 2019 has reached 200 in Chandigarh. Although Chandigarh Traffic Police has been known for its discipline and challans.

Chandigarh Traffic Police Challaned 200 on Valentines Day 2019

Chandigarh Traffic Police on the occasion of Valentine’s day 2019 has deployed almost 700 police personnel over 44 nakas on the city. A total of 44 nakas were placed across the city in different locations between 4 pm to 10 pm. Even Tricity complained that traffic cops stopped the movement of traffic at many points as well. Although the day time of Valentine’s day got ruined due to the rain, for sure it increased the excitement.

A stretch from DAV College to Sector 11 and Sector 8 & 9 markets usually were decked up by the youngsters on Valentine’s day. Although the rush was less than the usual this time for the year 2019. Even cops were on alert at places like Geri route, MCM DAV College at Sector 36 and many more on Valentine’s day. Although Chandigarh police were just deployed to look after hooliganism on roads.

Whereas 1.9 Lakh Challans were issued by Chandigarh Traffic Police in 5 years

Further, it has been reported that from the last 5 years Chandigarh traffic police has issued a total of 1.90 lakh challaned for not stopping before zebra crossing. According to the Chandigarh Traffic Police report, in between 2013 to 2018, police has issued 1.90 lakh challans for just not halting before zebra crossing.

Chandigarh Traffic Police tagline says ‘we care for you’ and they have always stood up by the same. On Valentine’s day 2019 as well they looked upon to keep the residents safe and secure on roads. With the rain on day time, the number of challans has been doubled from last year on Valentine’s day in Chandigarh.

Source: TOI


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