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Chandigarh City has witnessed soaring high cases of Dengue in the city. Residents of Chandigarh are at the receiving end of the rising number of Dengue cases that has taken the entire Chandigarh city in its stride with more than a hundred cases that have been reported till now. The shocking part is that out of the 111 recorded cases from Chandigarh and nearby regions surrounding the city, 80 such Dengue cases which have been reported officially from Chandigarh is in the month of August only this year along with widespread of mosquito borne diseases like Chikungunya and Malaria.

80 Out of 111 Dengue Cases of Chandigarh Recorded in August

Chandigarh residents are the worst victims of the disease that is widespread in and around the Chandigarh region already. Hospitals are flooded with patients throbbing them on a daily basis being diagnosed with Dengue disease. It is due to the rains and the monsoon season that the Chandigarh city has witnessed in recent times on a frequent intervals which has led to the outspread of Dengue disease among the Chandigarh people.  The number of such cases is witnessing a growth graph of positive gradient recorded on a daily basis. Further analysis of situation of spreading of Dengue disease in Chandigarh is from the nearby sub-urban areas like Kishangarh, Maloya and other villages.

With Manimajra area being the worst hit and affected region from Dengue cases in the Chandigarh city,  near about 100 such cases have been only come to notice in a matter of last 4 days only indicating that Dengue disease is on a viral spree in Chandigarh city.

Chandigarh Gets Mosquito Bite, Records 66 Chikungunya & 45 Malaria Cases

Not only suffering from Dengue, but other mosquito borne diseases like Chikungunya and Malaria have also gripped the city beautiful Chandigarh in its trap. With rising number of mosquito breeding areas and conducive ambience delivered to them, there is no doubt that these vector borne diseases spread via a mosquito bite were unexpected. Having their gala time of brightest breeding period ranging from August to November every year, UT health department is closely looking at the situation and citing justifications for such high number of reported cases of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria in the Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Becomes Breeding Ground of Diseases

Chandigarh has become an abode and breeding ground for various disease causing organisms including mosquitoes post the rain showers. Witnessing intermittent rains that were frequent in recent times especially in the month of August, the inevitable growth of pathogenic organisms have led to tyhe widespread of such diseases. Blame the humidity caused by the rains which has further added fuel to the fire which aids the effective breeding of mosquitoes if the range lies between 50% to 70% of humidity levels.

The recent reports pertaining to the analysis carried out on the widespread Dengue cases in Chandigarh city also suggests that the immunity and threshold levels of mosquitoes have also increased manifold which now enables them to breed in a wider range of temperature which is more than the double now.

The city beautiful Chandigarh with such high rise of record of Dengue cases in a short interval of time has further raised many questions which remain unanswered and unjustified. The big question that arises in such a situation is, that further preventive measures at both personal and community level needs to be taken by the Chandigarh residents to curtail the spread of Dengue & other diseases in the city followed by effective treatment offered to those suffering from it. Also, it is advised to Chandigarh residents to destroy all the suspected breeding grounds in their houses & communities as a whole and take initiative to educate and create awareness about the same to those in need.

Source: HT


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