Chandigarh | An Abandoned 3-day Old Girl Child Found Near International Airport

In a frightening incident, a 3-day old baby girl was found abandoned on the peripheral areas of Chhau Majra Village near International Airport of Chandigarh City. The incident that has brought disgrace to our society, especially to Chandigarh city, which is the capital of Haryana.

Ironically, Haryana recently recorded maximum sex ratio rate in the state bringing forth a state of shock and disbelief.

About the Abandoned Baby Girl

The baby girl is just 3-days old when she was found abandoned under the shade of a tree in this piping hot summer season. The area where she was abandoned lies in the Chhau Majra village of Chandigarh which is in close proximity to International Airport. A milk bottle was lying near the abandoned infant.

To add to the shock of the incident, the baby girl was bitten all over by mosquitoes hovering over the entire region. Such filthy and unhygienic conditions in which the child was found has shook localities and even police officials who came to the rescue of the little life.

About the Incident

On hearing the cries of the baby girl, farm labourers rushed to the spot to see the baby in a bad condition. Bitten by mosquitoes all over, the baby girl was alone in strange surroundings raising suspicions. The farm labourers looked for the parents of the baby to find none in her vicinity region. On failed efforts, the landlord of the farm labourers was informed who further called the police.

The rapid rural response team of the village reached the spot in no time to rescue the girl child. The abandoned baby girl was immediately rushed to the civil hospital of Phase 6 Mohali where she was fed with milk. Necessary treatment was also provided to the abandoned girl who is now under the observation of a lady police constable who is taking care of her.

Case registered against unknown parents

Police officials have registered a case against the unknown parents of the baby girl for abandoning her at Sohana Police station. Police is now on hunt for the parents and have summoned for the list of all newborn children in past one week from all nearby hospitals as a consequence.

Hospitals of Mohali, Dera Bassi and Zirakpur are under scrutiny to trace the parents of the girl child. Though the abandoned girl child is said to be in a stable and good condition at the hospital.

Rising number of such cases is a matter of shame for Indian society who worship Goddesses and disregard girl children. Such incidents happening surely brings the Big Question of all times. How authentic are the statistics? Should we believe government statistics or our own eyes? Is all the bad entirely gone or is still hiding behind the harsh realities of life?

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