Chandigarh | An Ailing Woman Commits Suicide in Sector 7 Public Park

In Sector 7 of Chandigarh, an old woman named Sheela Devi who was a resident of Sector 41, committed suicide at a public park in Sector 7. It is said that she consumed some poisonous substance while sitting in the park.

How it Happened

The lady was found in an unconscious state in Sector 7 park.

  • The victim, Sheela Devi was discovered by passers-by in an unconscious state.
  • People informed the police control room who reached the spot within minutes.
  • The victim was taken to the GMSH hospital in Sector 16 immediately by the police.
  • The doctors declared the woman brought-dead.

The Woman and Her Circumstances

Sheela Devi was suffering from several ailments. Before taking the step to finish her life the woman called her husband and informed him about what she was going to do. Sheela Devi was 53 year old.

The Woman died right after informing her husband by poisoning herself. The body of the victim has been given away to her family after the performing postmortem on Friday.

Khem Raj, the victims husband informed the police that the victim was getting treatment for several illnesses and was under going many treatments that fetched her severe depression for last six years. The victim’s cell phone was found near her dead body through what the police traced her family members and informed them. Police is digging inside the case furthermore.

Recent Suicide Cases in Chandigarh

A lot of suicide cases have been witnessed in Chandigarh in the recent past. We urge all those who are under depression to take medical help from professionals. Life might not be easy but it is not priceless. Be bold, face the situation, believe in God, stay positive and things will fall in place.

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