Chandigarh Starts an Animal Ambulance | Sets Example for India

UT Department of Animal Husbandry has started Animal Ambulance for small/pet animals of Chandigarh. Pet owners of Chandigarh will be able to avail this service from 9 AM till 3 PM. Animal ambulance can also be called as dog ambulance as dogs are most widely kept pets in Chandigarh.

Started under the MPLAD scheme, Animal Ambulance will transport sick/injured animals to nearby government veterinary hospitals for treatment. This is first of a kind service started in Chandigarh to ensure safety of all animals who are in need of immediate treatment.

Features of Animal Ambulance:

Equipped with the necessary medication and first-aid kit, this ambulance will charge Rs. 300 per trip. With an experienced para-veterinary staff on board, the ambulance started in Chandigarh aims to reach your doorstep to ensure that your sick animal can be treated right on time and his life can be saved. The animal will be taken to the nearest hospital and will be dropped back after the treatment.

Why Is It Needed?

Just like with human beings, it is important that pet animals are properly taken care of during an injury or sickness. Incorrect handling can cause more harm than good and if proper care is not given we can lose our beloved pet. The doctor in Animal Ambulance is trained to handle the critically injured or ill pet. The vet is trained to provide emergency care for the pet in the hour of need.

Animal Ambulance Numbers in Chandigarh

You can call on 0172-2700092, 0172-2677000, 0172-2740644, 0172-2679988, 0172-2677505 in case of:

  • Serious injury
  • Life-threatening situation where the animal is trapped
  • Cruelty/illness in which the animal requires immediate veterinary assistance

The ambulance started by UT Administration, Chandigarh will operate from 9am till 3pm.

Who Will Benefit?

The aim of the animal ambulance is to provide mobile veterinary clinic which will answer to all the requirements of livestock owners of villages of Chandigarh including Jhamru Faidan, Makhan Majra, Raipur Kalan, and Raipur Khurd on a bi-weekly basis. Because, these villages of Chandigarh dont have facilities for livestock and neither do they have a veterinary hospital, this ambulance will help to save/treat all the injured animals.

Although there are a lot of NGOs who offer these kind of services but in Chandigarh, this step has been taken by the administration and the city has set up an example for other cities and states in India.

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