Chandigarh to Ban Short Skirts in City Discs, Bars & Clubs

With a ban on Short Skirts in Chandigarh based discs, bars and clubs, the city beautiful’s administration is everywhere in the news. If you are planning to go to Score, Tamzarra, Kitty Su, Paara or any other disc in Chandigarh while wearing a mini skirt, think again! You’ll be denied entry. It is the first time that Chandigarh Administration is trying to tell people what to wear and what not in order to curb anti-social elements and the method they have chosen does not seem right.

The new policy named “Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016” that has been implemented by the administration in Chandigarh has a clause where it has been stated that mini skirts or other indecent clothing would not be allowed in discs. This strong step has been condemned not just by city residents but also by international media.

Why did Chandigarh Administration ban Short Skirts in Discs?

Although this strong step to ban mini skirts in Chandigarh discs has been taken to safeguard women, but it seems to be a bad move. Twitter was full of activity where people were trolling Chandigarh Administration for this step.

The terms used in the new policy include “scantily dressed women” and “indecency”. However, nothing has been made clear about what constitutes scantily and indecent clothing. Moreover, the policy also states that if such things are a part of any any disc in Chandigarh, it would be shut down.

How the World Reacted to ban of mini skirts in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has always been known as a city that is ideal and the cities not just in India but in entire world follow Chandigarh in some way or the other. This might be the first time when the world was surprised about the news of ban on skirts in Chandigarh discs.

Huffington Post wrote about Chandigarh in this way – Chandigarh’s Bizarre Rule For Stopping ‘Anti-National’ Elements: Ban Short Skirts In Discotheques.

The Times Of India wrote – Chandigarh set to ban short skirts in discotheques. (Image Credits).

News 18 – Chandigarh to Ban Short Skirts in Discotheques to Fight ‘Anti-Nationals’

If we think about the night life in Chandigarh, then steps like this will surely kill the development that we all are looking for. It is not about the clothes that city girls wear but it is about freedom. If you are in power, this does not mean that you can draft a policy which tells people what to wear and what not while they are out to enjoy.

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