Here’s What You Need to Know About Upcoming Chandigarh – Bangkok Direct Flight

Air India just made the people of Chandigarh happy who are planning their trip to Bangkok. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and also one of the most popular cities to fly to at least once in your lifetime. The chairman and managing director of Air India said that Chandigarh to Bangkok direct flight is likely to start in the first week of June.

The Chandigarh-Bangkok direct was supposed to start from April this year. The chairman and the managing director of Air India said that the direct flight would be starting in the first week of June. He said that the direct Chandigarh-Bangkok flight was delayed as the new aircraft was being prepared. He also said that the direct flight would be operating thrice a week.

Chandigarh-Bangkok Direct Flight Will Be Starting Soon 

The Air India counsel told the Punjab and Haryana high court that they were making serious efforts so that the Chandigarh-Bangkok direct flight could be started as soon as possible.

The Air India counsel also told the Punjab and Haryana high court that they will be conducting a meeting with the Thailand Embassy to discuss the upcoming Chandigarh-Bangkok direct flight. The tour operators in Chandigarh believe that there will be a good response to the direct Chandigarh-Bangkok flight from the people living nearby Chandigarh.

Upgradations At The Chandigarh International Airport

There are 2 international flights operating at the moment from the Chandigarh International Airport. The Chandigarh International Airport has also started to offer e-visa services to the incoming flyers. Some more facilities coming to the airport are:

  • Wi-Fi Facilities which will be starting from this month
  • Like other airports in India, the Chandigarh airport is also planning to do away the stamping of cabin bags in the next three months.

Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Chandigarh International airport in 2015 at Mohali. The international flights at the Chandigarh International Airport started last year and new destinations are being added since the opening of the new terminal. There are more than 35 flights plying from the airport and recently a direct flight to Pune, Chennai, Leh and Hyderabad have been started from the Chandigarh international Airport.

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