Chandigarh – Bangkok Flights Costs Higher as Compared to Delhi Bangkok

Chandigarh has now been connected directly to Bangkok via Air. Thanks to Air India, now you can fly directly to Bangkok from Chandigarh and with this new flight up and be running thrice a week, you can now book the tickets for the Air India Chandigarh-Bangkok Flight. As per the sources, the aircraft chosen to operate between this route is A320 that has the capacity of 162 people. This aircraft is designed with 12 business class seats and 150 economy seats. The Flight schedule of the Air India Chandigarh to Bangkok flight has been released by the Airline a few days back.

Chandigarh – Bangkok Flight By Air India to Operate Thrice a Week 

Air India has finally connected Bangkok directly with Chandigarh. The first flight left the ground of Chandigarh International Airport for Bangkok on 12th December 2017. With this inaugural flight, the airline also released the weekly flight schedule for the route. As per the schedule, the flight will operate three times a week on specified days including Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. As per the latest updates, the time schedule of the flight is also announced. The Flight scheduled for the route takes off from Chandigarh International Airport at 9:20 AM reaching Bangkok at 8: 15 PM the same day.

Chandigarh -Bangkok Flight V/s Delhi-Bangkok Flight 

Air India is already operating several aircrafts between Delhi and Bangkok. If compared with the existing flights of Air India connecting Bangkok, there is no doubt that the new flight from Chandigarh to Bangkok costs higher than Delhi – Bangkok flight but it also takes only 5 Hours to touch grounds at Thailand Airport.

According to the sources, not only this brings in the factor of comfort for those who live in Chandigarh and nearby areas but also will ensure the shortest flight. The one-way cost of the flight is approximately Rs. 20,000 but the price definitely will vary in between the price range of Rs. 20,000 -Rs. 22,000. Here lies the major difference, the one-way flight connecting Delhi-Bangkok costs only Rs. 16,000 that is quite less than Rs. 20,000.

All those who are willing to put ahead of the comfort in traveling, it is a good news that now Chandigarh is directly connected to Bangkok via Air. All thanks to Air India for making this connection feasible.

Source – EconomicTimes

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