Chandigarh-Bangkok Flight Fare Hike By 53 Percent | Will It Decrease its Popularity among Flyers?

After the recent launch of the flight connecting Chandigarh and Bangkok, this Tuesday the flight was accounted to be full. Gaining this much of success was not all, according to the sources the bookings are also hand in hand with the number of seats. The flight dedicated to fly between Chandigarh and Bangkok contains 150 economy seats and 7 business class seats making in total the capacity to 157 seats. After administering the success of the flight, Air India has now raised the fare of the tickets by 53%. This price hike for the Bangkok flight departing from Chandigarh International Airport was on account of increasing bookings and success of the flight.

Air India Increases the Fare for Chandigarh – Bankok Flight by 53 percent

Since the beginning of the Air India Flight connecting Chandigarh and Bangkok, the flight bookings have been great. With the increasing popularity, Air India has now announced the fare hike for the flight by 53% that is the economy class ticket that was earlier selling at Rs. 17,000 is now flamed directly to Rs. 26,000 and the return fare for the business class are disclosed to be Rs. 36,000.

Following up the announcement of the fare hike, the manager of Air India also announced the possibility of changing the flight schedule and operate the flight on daily basis. Introduced on 11th December, the flight connecting Chandigarh to Bangkok has marked a different peak of success.

 Will the Price Hike Repel the Flyers?

After the announcement for increasing the fare hike of Chandigarh-Bangkok flight, now it is to see that how the passengers will react to this. Where this Air India flight is gaining huge popularity amongst the travelers, there this price hike in the Air ticket might become a concerning issue for its growth. Till date, the flight bookings are enormous, but with the announcement of the fare hike, will the bookings go on at the same pace?

Air India has been really busy this year to connect Chandigarh to the various city in domestic flight range, and different countries in international flight range. Following the price hike, Air India also showed the possibility of converting this Chandigarh -Bangkok flight to daily scheduled flights.

Source – TOI


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