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This Chandigarh-based cyclist drives the tallest cycle in the country. We all must have ridden cycle at some phase of our lives but not most of us would have dared to ride a cycle taller than our own height, isn’t it? This Chandigarh-based cyclist not only designed a cycle that was much taller than his own height but also set several records by riding the tallest cycle in India.

Meet the Chandigarh-based cyclist who built the tallest cycle in India

Chandigarh lad Rajeev Kumar, who has designed a cycle which is twice the height of an average human being in the world, is earning accolades and pride for Chandigarh. Acknowledged as Johny, Rajeev Kumar modified his cycle and created the tallest cycle in the country. The Guinness Record aspirant has already entered India’s Limca Book of Records. Rajeev’s mission, who rides the tallest Cycle in India, to is aware people to take up cycling as a routine to stay fit and healthy. Rajeev also believes that this practice will not only bring down health problems but will also help in reducing the pollution levels in the country.

The dimensions of the tallest cycle in the country are indeed surprising

As per the report, the tallest cycle in India that has been designed and made by Chandigarh-based Rajeev Kumar measures eight feet, six inches high. The height of the tallest cycle in India can be further expanded to 10 feet and two inches.

Rajeev Kumar who drives the tallest cycle in the country and aims at the Guinness Record wanted to do something creative and something special.  The tallest cycle in India is Rajeev’s my own creation and is his prized possession. Rajeev always believed in leaving a mark in whatever one does in his life. His idea behind designing and making this cycle that is currently the tallest cycle in the country was to do something that nobody has accomplished ever.

Rajeev made his way into the Limca Book of Records by cycling from Chandigarh to Delhi in 16 hours. Well, anyone can do that, why he got awarded for the fate? Well, the cycle that he achieved this record was seven feet, six inches high and what made his secure a place in the record book.

Why 13 feet tall cycle made by the cyclist had to be dismantled? 

As claimed, the cycle owned by Chandigarh-based Rajeev is currently the tallest cycle in India, but yes, this is not the tallest cycle ever built. It was reported that Rajeev had designed a 13-feet tall cycle in 1999 that had to be dismantled due to authority’s orders. The Chandigarh authorities banned the 13-feet-high cycle on city roads as it may be unsafe not only for the driver but for the travellers on the road as well.

Johny’s next aim is to make it to the Guinness World Records book and to accomplish it his plan is to travel from Chandigarh to Mumbai on his cycle which is about 1,600 kms.

Source: Yourstory


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