Chandigarh Become Favorite for Runaway Kids | RPF Report Hints Double Numbers in 2018

The city beautiful -Chandigarh has become the favourite place for the kids running away from home. Recently, the Chandigarh Railway Protection Force (RPF) released the report of runaways kids and it’s shocking. As per the reports, the number of rescued children have been doubled in the year 2018 as compared to 2017.

Seems the city has been the magnet for the kids, who have been running away from home. As compared to 2017, a double number of children has landed in the city in the year 2018. Know more details regarding the runaway cases in Chandigarh below.

Chandigarh is a Magnet for Runaway Kids | Check Numbers Here

Chandigarh has become a magnet for the runaway kids in the year 2018. According to Railway Protection Force reports, the number of kids rescued from the Chandigarh station has been doubled in 2018. It’s more shocking that the number of girls has been more than boys in the same. Along with the number, reasons for the runaway kids are many more shocking.

As per the reports of RPF, in the year 2017, a total of 28 kids were rescued in Chandigarh station, Out of which 16 were boys and rest 12 were girls. Now in 2018, the number has been double to 54 kids, out of which 42 are boys and 12 are girls. Chandigarh Railway Protection Team along with Childline India Foundation jointly work with the rescue operation.

Here are some reasons for runaway cases found in Chandigarh

According to the reports of RPF, the major reasons for a kid that have been found in a bid to run away from home are step-motherly treatment. Along with this, some kids run away from home and come to Chandigarh because of educational pressure by the parents or alcoholic father. In 2018, 3 children from Ropar aged 14, 15 and 16 were held by the RPF and they ran away from their home to be in Bollywood. Although further they all were caught by the RPF while discussing the same and sent back to their home.

As per the SHO of Chandigarh RPF, the team has been given special instruction to keep a close watch on the children at the station and their activities.


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