Chandigarh Bird Flu: Culling of ducks at Sukhna Lake begins

After the confirmation of bird flu at Sukhna Lake, Cahndigarh administration has finally started culling ducks. An estimated 250 ducks were present at the lake and now all of them have to be culled in order to control the bird flu virus. This decision came after several meetings of top officials of Chandigarh Administration on 18th December 2014. The culling operation began at 4:00 PM in the evening and went on till midnight with the help of search lights.

What is Culling?

The dictionary meaning of culling means to reduce the population of a wild animal by slaughtering (killing) them. So, now all the ducks at Sukhna Lake which were a major attraction for anyone visiting the lake will be culled so that the bird flu virus can be controlled.

Is culling Sukhna Lake ducks necessary?

Well, YES! Bird flu is a dangerous disease and can transfer from one bird to another very easily. If a person comes in direct contact with any object which has been in contact with the affected bird, then the virus gets transferred to him. Bird Flu can prove fatal for humans.

Winter season is more favourable for the spread of bird flu virus and in this month of December when the winter season is on its peak at Chandigarh, the spread of virus can be really worse.

The culling operation at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Officials from the wild life department, Municipal Corporation along with some slaughter professionals from 4 poultry farms around Chandigarh have joined hands to cull the ducks at Sukhna Lake. All the people who are a part of this operation can be seen in a special white suit which covers them from head to toe and prevents them from infection.

All the ducks are being slaughtered on the island in the centre of the lake where they used to live. Officials had a tough time to catch ducks which escaped towards the jungle and the regulator end of the Sukhna Lake. These ducks will finally be buried according to the procedure.

This culling operation is being carried out according to the guidelines mention by WHO in regard to Bird Flu.

Source: Chandigarh Tribune dated 19th December 2014.



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