Highlights & Breakdown of Chandigarh Budget 2017 | Know Where The Money Will Be Used

After the declaration of the Union budget for the year 2017- 2018, Chandigarh has got a total amount of Rs. 4312 crore for the city. Union Minister, Arun Jaitley has allotted an amount of Rs. 4312 to crore to the city beautiful Chandigarh for the next fiscal year. Although UT Administration has demanded a total amount of Rs. 6100 crore from the Union Minister for Chandigarh in the upcoming fiscal year for the development of the city. But only Rs. 4312 has been given to UT, that too under capital head it is Rs. 475 crore whereas in revenue head its Rs. 3837.40 crore.

Chandigarh Budget 2017

A total amount has been distributed under the various heads like – Education, transport, health, rural and urban development, municipal corporation and Energy. That will be used for the development purpose under the various sectors in Chandigarh.

Here’s a breakdown of Chandigarh Budget 2017.

Rural and Urban Development (Rs. 260.55 Crore)

For rural areas:

  • Maintenance of rural sewerage of 13 villages.
  • Strengthening, widening and re-carpeting of Phirini and approach roads.
  • Tubewells will be sunk
  • Installation of streetlights

Urban area:

  • Construction of new cycle tracks and footpaths. Even the way finding signage system will be applied in the city.
  • Construction of 66KV grid substation at Diesel Power House, Sector 26 and upgradation of sector 18 and 34 sub-station will be conducted.
  • Preservation and restoration of Capital Complex.
  • Replacement of streetlights with LED and revitalisation of Sector 17, City Centre.
  • Conversion of overhead systems with the underground in Sector 8.

Health Care (Rs. 52.35 Crore)

For the heath sector Rs. 52.35 crores has been allotted, whereas the demanded amount was of Rs. 240 crores.

  • 50 and 100-bed hospital in Maloya and Sector 48 respectively.
  • Construction of GMSH 16 administration block.
  • Construction of houses for GMCH staff in Sector 48.
  • Completion of Mental Health Institute at Sector 32.
  • Construction of academic block Part II in RIMH, Sector 31.

Education (Rs. 70.24 Crore)

In the education sector, the union has allocated Rs. 70.24 crores against the demand of Rs. 260 crores.

  • Construction of total 5 Government High School in Chandigarh at PGIMER Sector 12, Maloya village, Mauli Jagran, Industrial area Phase III and Raipur Kalan respectively.
  • 3 new mini sports complex in Sector 8, 19 and 21.
  • 5 sports complexes in Sector 34, 38, 50, 56 and Manimajra.

Municipal Corporation (Rs. 419.26 Crore)

Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has already been facing the monetary problems, after that also an amount of Rs. 419.26 crore have been allotted to Chandigarh MC by the Union for 2017.

  • Rs. 100 crores for the smart city projects.
  • Rs, 50 crores for the Kajauli Waterworks.

Transport (Rs. 24. 53 Crore)

To ensure the development of Public transport in the city beautiful Chandigarh, Rs.24.53 crores have been allotted to the transportation sector of the city under Chandigarh budget 2017. With this amount, the purchase of Coronas and TATA buses will be carried out. Along with which, the amount will also be used for the extension of ISBT Sector 43.

Energy (Rs. 17.7 Crore)

Rs. 17.7 crore have been provided for the energy head in the 2017 Chandigarh budget that will ensure the better and uninterrupted power supply in the city under Solar City Programme.

All in all, by seeing the budget we can say that this year’s budget has totally been focused on rural and urban development and Smart city projects.

From last year’s budget:

Although the amont has not reached to the demanded budget by Chandigarh for 2017 budget, but there has been an increase of 9.51 % as compared to the current year’s budget. Earlier in the year 2016- 2017, Union Minister has alotted an amount of Rs. 3937.79 crore. That has been increased by Rs. 374.61 crore for 2017 and has reached to Rs 4312 crore.


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