Chandigarh Car Bazaar Likely to Be Shifted to Manimajra

The Municipal Corporation to take a call on Car Bazaar

As per the report, the car dealers protested against lack of facilities at the car bazaar organized at Hallomajra, Chandigarh. It has been reported that the dealers were recently shifted to this site after shop owners in sector 7, where the car bazaar was being held for a long time, moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

This is why car bazaar would move to Manimajra

It was reported that the Chandigarh municipal corporation had shortlisted two spots for the Sunday car bazaar after the shopkeepers in Sector 7 moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The car bazaar was shifted to Hallomajra where dealers of car bazaar protested over lack of facilities.

Amid the protests, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is now planning to shift the Sunday car bazaar on the stretch opposite NAC Manimajra.

Location of the new car bazaar site

The projected site of the car bazaar is on the outskirts of the city on the stretch opposite NAC Manimajra. Mayor, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has stated that earlier the plan was to choose one of the two places for relocating the sector 7 car bazaar. Initially, the heart of the city Sector 17 and the NAC road Manimajra was projected.

It was later learnt that the footfall is considerable in sector 17 on weekends; hence NAC appeared more feasible for the car bazaar. The projected site for the car bazaar is an empty stretch is on the outskirts of Chandigarh and close to the Manimajra motor market. With more open space and fewer showrooms, it will be an ideal place for the car bazaar.

Problems being faced by the car dealers 

The site for the car bazaar has not been finalized yet, but it will soon be finalised as the car dealers are irate over the lack of basic facilities at the site. It was reported that the new site will soon be finalized after senior officials’ meeting. It has been reported that the dealers have complained that the site lacks basic facilities which include water and electricity. Some of the dealers also stated that in the dearth of facilities the place is unsafe to carry out business.

Moreover,  the new site in Hallomajra could accommodate only 500 cars whereas the car dealers used to showcase about 1,000 cars in Sector 7.

Source: Indian Express


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