Chandigarh Carnival 2015: Schedule, Main Attractions & More

Chandigarh Carnival, the most awaited fair in Chandigarh is again live for year 2015 at Leisure Valley, Sector 10, Chandigarh. Being an annual event, Chandigarh Carnival is organized by Chandigarh Administration in collaboration with Chandigarh Tourism over the last weekend of November. Various stalls are set up in the area opposite Government College of Arts in sector 10 to enthral the visitors. These stalls also include participation from Chandigarh government departments like Chandigarh Police, Chandigarh Traffic Police, CITCO etc.

Floats prepared by the students of arts college are the main attraction of the event. These floats are made using bamboo tree sticks on a rickshaw and are decorated with colourful papers in the shape of cartoon characters.

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chandigarh-carnival-2015Chandigarh Carnival 2015 Schedule:

Venue: Leisure Valley, Sector 10, Chandigarh. Opposite Govt. College of Arts.

Dates: 27th November (Friday), 28th November (Saturday) and 29th November (Sunday).

Theme of Carnival: Chandigarh – Smart City.

Entry: Entry to Chandigarh Carnival 2015 is free. Chandigarh administration has introduced free passes for the event which can be collected from Chandigarh tourism information centres on first come first serve basis.

Main Attractions at Chandigarh Carnival 2015:

Chandigarh carnival event is always filled with fun and joyous activities. Star nights are also held for the citizens of Chandigarh during the carnival. Here is a list of main events for 2015 version of the carnival.

  • Carnival Parade (Floats Parade) – A parade will be conducted during morning hours where all floats prepared by students of Govt. college of Arts will run on the main road near Matka Chownk. The general traffic will be diverted to other roads during these hours. For the first time, Chandigarh Administration has decided to take out the carnival parade on 2 days. Earlier, it was held only on the first day.
  • Star Night 1: Hasaya Kavi Samelan: A comedy poem recitation event would be held on the main stage on 27th November (6:30 Pm onwards)
  • Star Night 2: Gulnazar Band and Rana Ranbir on 28th November 2015 (6:30 Pm onwards).
  • Star Night 3: Manmohan Waris and Kamal Heer on 29th November, 2015 (6:30 Pm onwards).
  • Vintage Car Display: Visitors to Chandigarh carnival 2015 will be able to watch a display of vintage cars and bikes inside the parking premises of the Govt. College. These elegant cars date back to pre India independence time and are a delight to the eyes.
  • Amusement Park, Joy Rides, Camel Rides: These are for the children. The rates for the rides are genuine and are controlled by Chandigarh Administration. People can also take a ride in their favourite float.
  • Cultural Programmes: Cultural programmes like Rajasthani dance, Punjabi dance, artists, singers etc. will give live performances during Chandigarh Carnival 2015. These performances happen for the entire day and one can enjoy them free of cost.
  • Food Stalls: Various food stalls will be set up within the premises of the carnival village. The major ones will include ones by CITCO, CIHM and AIHM.



Chandigarh Carnival is one of the best events of Chandigarh. The fair has become so popular that it even attracts foreign tourists to Chandigarh especially for the event.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab your passes. It’s absolutely FREE!


Chandigarh Carnival 2016

Chandigarh Carnival 2016 at Leisure Valley, Sector 10


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