Chandigarh gets the second Child Witness Court of India

Chandigarh has got a new child witness court at Sector 43 Judicial Complex which is second such court room in entire India. The first special child witness court of India came up in New Delhi. Such court rooms are a common thing in developed countries like the USA, Canada and other European countries. However, after New Delhi, Chandigarh has got the second child witness court in India and more such improvements in the judicial system are expected all over India.

Child Witness Courts are special court rooms that are designed and set up in a way that a child likes the area and feels comfortable while being a witness on the day of hearing.

The new court room for children that has come up in Sector 43 courts at Chandigarh. The room is similar to a playroom where a child can watch cartoons and play with toys. Chocolates will also be given to the child during hearing sessions. Child will not come face to face with the accused and all recordings will be made with the help of video conferencing.

Normally, these court rooms are use for cases related to child abuse involving sexual abuse. A child below the age of 12 will be examined in this court. During the inauguration of this new children’s court room in Chandigarh, it was revealed that over 48 cases involving children below 12 years are pending in Sector 43 court. The new court room was inaugurated by Acting Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court Shiavax Jal.


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