Chandigarh | CITCO to Open an Amusement Park at Kala Gram & The Plan is Great

The Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation(CITCO) is working towards turning the restaurant area of Kalagram’s Baithak into an Amusement Park.

The Punjabi themed restaurant Baithak at the famous Kalagram has not been in use since November 2015.

The Baithak Restaurant-Kalgram

The Baithak restaurant of the CITCO at Kalagram was closed in November 2015 for the general public. The restaurant was leased out to a private firm on a monthly license fee of Rs 6.05 lakh for 7 years.

After failing in the attempt of outsourcing the restaurant the CITCO is now planning to turn the entire area of Baithak- Banquet Hall into a theme park with food courts.

The  area of Baithak consists of:

  • A banquet hall
  • with adjoining lawn area
  • kitchen on the ground floor
  • a restaurant with kitchen
  • and an open terrace on the first floor
  • bar
  • open courtyard of 3,000 sq ft.
  • party hall

Moreover, Baithak also has a museum called “Virasat” that has various vintage items of the bygone era from the states of Punjab, Himachal, Haryana on display for the general public.

The Baithak has not been witnessing many tourists since a long time and this has been bothering the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation. As fewer tourists mean less revenue for the department.

The Chandigarh CITCO’s Plan

About 900 employees are working in several units of the industrial and tourism department of CITCO. And in order to meet its expenditures, the corporation has to extract its own revenue through its ventures.

Witnessing a drastic fall in the income the CITCO has plans in mind to stop that from happening furthermore.

The CITCO corporation has issued a tender to license out the whole area of the Baithak banquet hall at a fee of Rs 6.25 lakh per month.

The corporation is asking the firms to submit their proposal for opening up amusement part and food courts on the given area.

The corporation will give preference to those firms that have at least 5 years of experience in running a commercial restaurant or hotel in a reputed area with a turnover of Rs 1 crore annually in last 5 years.

The CITCO will consider proposals by technical evaluation and will shortlist the best ones.

Source: TOI

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