Chandigarh gets the Cleanest City of India title

Chandigarh, known as the city beautiful has ranked number 1 among the top 10 cleanest cities of India. The list of the cleanest cities was prepared after a survey done by Ministry of Urban Development (Government of India), in the year 2014. All cities were given a specific colour out of Green, Black, Red and Blue based on the cleanness and greenery in that particular city. Along with the colour code, a rating was given to each city keeping in mind various factors such as hygiene conditions, road side litter, public dustbins etc.

List of Top 10 Cleanest cities of India

Below is a list of 10 cities which made to the list of cleanest cities of India along with their ratings.

1. Chandigarh (73.48)

2. Mysore (70.65)

3. Surat (69.08)

4. New Delhi (68.26)

5. Delhi Cant. (61.36)

6. Tiruchirappalli (59.02)

7. Jamshedpur (57.96)

8. Mangalore (57.34)

9. Rajkot (56.11)

10. Kanpur (55.34)

These ratings were given out of a total score of 100.

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It is clear from the rating that there is no city in India which can compete with Cahndigarh. Chandigarh is truly the city beautiful. With a score of 73.48 it ranks at number 1 and is role model for all other cities of India. It is shocking that major cities of India like Mumbai and Bangalore have not made it to the top 10. However, New Delhi and Delhi Cant. stand at position 4 and 5 respectively. This is due to the fact that Mumbai and Bangalore have good living standard, good infrastructure and are more developed. But we are taking about the cleanest cities.

The news of Chandigarh being the cleanest city in India has made Chandigarhians proud. The swatch Bharat mission of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great step. Other cities have already started to cite Chandigarh as an example and a role model city. If we talk about greenery it is important to mention that Chandigarh ranks number there as well. Almost 37% of the city area is under green cover. And this is the reason Chandigarh is also being called as the city of Gardens.

Come, lets join hands to keep our city clean so that we are able to maintain the “Cleanest City of India” tag for the year 2015 as well.

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