Winters 2016 | Chandigarh is Colder Than Shimla & We’re Loving It!

The time for comfort, good food and warmth has finally arrived in Chandigarh. Winter season has hit Chandigarh hard and it has made the month of December a bit shivery for Chandigarhians. The city beautiful is experiencing cold days and colder nights to the extent that the temperature in Chandigarh is less as compared to Shimla. It means that even after being a hill station, Shimla is less colder as compared to Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Colder than Shimla

Chandigarh recorded maximum temperature of 23.2ºC, much colder than the temperature of Shimla. The city beautiful Chandigarh has recorded the minimum temperature of 8.8ºC, whereas Shimla’s minimum temperature was 11ºC. Apart from the nearest hill station Shimla, Chandigarh is much colder than Dharamshala and Nahan too. The minimum temperature that was recorded on Wednesday in Dharamshala and Nahan was 10.4ºC and 10.7ºC respectively.

MET Department Says:

According to the MET Department, in past 2 years the maximum temperature recorded in the month of December at Chandigarh was more than 23ºC. Met Department stated that nights in city is more colder than Shimla. The Department has also issued a warning of dense fog during December end and Jan starting in tricity. The temperature recorded was 3 degree below the normal temperature. Whereas, the temperature of Shimla is 5ºC above the normal temperature. It has happened because of the long sunny days in the hill-stations.

Tourists Throng Shimla

Even though Chandigarh is colder as compared to Shimla, tourists and locals are going to Shimla during their Christmas vacations. It is said that Shimla often receives snowfall on Christmas eve and this is what makes tourist visit Shimla during these days.

However, according to the MET department, Shimla will not have snowfall this season. Even the New Year will be a dry one as no snowfall has been predicted for Shimla. However, Shimla is one such hill station in India that sees a huge number of tourists and Christmas – New Year days are the peak days that see huge rush.


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