Chandigarh Councillors to go on a Study Tour to 4 Different Cities

Following the footsteps of Home Secretary and Commissioner of MC of visiting the Nottingham City for its Smart City project, a week later, Chandigarh Councillors have decided to visit four different cities pan India to incorporate the City beautiful with newer trends of the world. A team recently elected councillors are all set to undergo these study tours which are scheduled in the next month.

About the Study Tour

The study tour consists of visiting 4 different cities: i.e.

  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Mysore
  • Vishakhapatnam

The places have been chosen on the grounds of having big corporations and adequate solid waste management, water supply and roads by Mayor Asha Jaswal. Accordingly, specific details about the same have been made to see which city serves what purpose of visit. “Like at Mysuru, we will see the solid waste management. So accordingly, the details have been sent to the UT Administrator,” said Jaswal.

Phases of the Study Tour

The tours have been planned in phases under authoritative persons for better efficiency of work. The first phase being a trip to Mumbai from April 10, 2017  to April 12, 2017 under the mentorship of Deputy Mayor accompanied by Joint Commissioner-I.

A trip to Mysuru has been planned from April 17 to 19,2017 in the second phase that is led by the Mayor, with Chief Engineer and Joint Commissioner-II.Mysuru carefully picked as the destination for it is being ranked as the first in the survey of cities held under the Swacch Bharat mission last year.

A tour to Vishakhapatnam from April 19 to 21,2017, followed by Pune from April 24 to 26,2017 is also scheduled for the team for the city benefits these places enjoy. Incorporation of these trends and facilities in Chandigarh would surely boost up the city’s aesthetics and services providing a great opportunity for floating population to settle down.

Controversy that follows

Such study tours are much hyped and talked about in the open. Majorly suffering a lot of criticism amongst the people and media for the zilch benefits the city gets. After the execution, these study tours at national and international level end in a controversy as past records state.

Let us wait and watch what more beautification the City Beautiful shall get when the tour ends. Till then, let us wish our councillors a safe and happy journey in sheer optimism!!!

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