Chandigarh, Now You Can Track The Location of CTU Busses in Real Time | Here’s How

Chandigarh: Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) has launched a new mobile phone app that will let the passengers track the location of the buses in real time. All the information like when the bus will reach your stop or where it has reached at that point of time will be available to access to the Chandigarh citizens. The app can also tell you an approximate time when you will reach your destination if you take the CTU bus. The Chandigarh CTU app is named ‘Tic Tic’ and is available for download from the Google Play Store and the CTU official website.

The Tic Tic CTU app was announced at the Punjab Bhawan in Sector 3, Chandigarh. It was unveiled by the administrator of the Union Territory Chandigarh, MR. VP Singh Badnore.

How will the CTU app work for Chandigarh passengers?

The CTU buses in Chandigarh have been equipped with GPS devices which will provide real-time location of the bus to the passengers in Chandigarh. By the help of a ‘predictive algorithm,’ Tic Tic will be able to tell the CTU passenger how long will it take for them to reach their destination.

Tic Tic app will also come with information about Chandigarh road maps and the route info of the CTU buses in Chandigarh. The passengers will have the ability to access the time table of all the buses on any route within the city.

Tic Tic is also of great importance to the CTU officials. It will enable them to access details like speed, route, and delay timings in the Chandigarh bus. The officials will be able to know if any unscheduled stops were made by the bus or if there is a jam in a particular part of the Chandigarh city. This will enable the CTU officials to work more efficiently and make better decisions depending on the information provided by the app.  CTU Drivers will be under watch as the GPS positioning in the Chandigarh app also means that driver behaviour like over speeding and breaking traffic rules is also minimised.

The CTU Chandigarh has a fleet of 500 buses as of now and 200 more are reported to be added soon. Apparently 400 buses in the CTU fleet run on intercity routes within Chandigarh and 100 are plied on long routes. The soon to be added 200 buses will also be added to the existing 100 and run on the long routes to neighbouring states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Uttarakhand from Chandigarh.


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