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Traveling from Chandigarh to Delhi by train in 2 hours is soon going to be a reality. The Indian Railways has already prepared a plan for the 245-km corridor project. The Chandigarh to Delhi rail corridor will be the first semi-high speed venture in India of the Railways that will come up with French aid.

A state-owned French rail company -SNCF, had recently submitted its report on upgrading the Chandigarh-Delhi railway route. According to the report, the semi-high speed venture will reduce travel time between the two cities – Delhi-Chandigarh, by almost an hour and 30 minutes.

Travel Chandigarh-Delhi by train in just 2 hours

According to the report, The state-owned rail company from France had commenced the study around two years ago. In the final report that was submitted recently, the French state-owned rail company has mentioned about upgrading the Chandigarh-Delhi railway route. The fastest train on the route currently is the Shatabdi that takes approximately 3 and a half hour to commute between the city beautiful- Chandigarh and the national capital- Delhi.  As per the report submitted by the French company, after the upgrading the railway route to connect Chandigarh-Delhi it will be possible to reduce the travel time by approximately one and a half hour.

The 245-km Chandigarh-Delhi corridor project that will connect the two states in about two hours will be Railways’ first semi-high speed venture with French aid. This project would enable some of the trains to touch a maximum speed of 200 kmph and reduce the travel time.

Upgrading the route would cost Rs 11, 000 crore

The cost of upgrading the route has been estimated to cost about $1.7 billion which in Indian currency translates to about Rs 11,000 crore. The aim of the upgrade is to reduce the travel distance between the two states. The upgrade on the Chandigarh-Delhi rail route will increase the train speed up to 200 kmph and will reduce the travel time by about 2 hours. After the upgrade, passengers will be able to travel the distance of about 245-kms in about two hours. It has been reported that the will be able to reach from Delhi to Chandigarh in 2 hours and 2 minutes.

The final report on the first semi-high speed venture has been submitted to the Indian Railways by SNCF, the French railway. The 245-km Delhi-Chandigarh corridor, is reported to be one of the busiest routes in north India. The stated rail route which would be India’s first semi-high speed project that has been taken up by the state-owned transporter is slated to run trains at a maximum speed of 200 kmph and the trains plying on the corridor, will be able to achieve a speed of 200-kmph with French help.

Source: Economic Times


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