Chandigarh – Delhi Shatabdi To Get A Makeover | Here’s What Will Change

Now very soon the Shatabdi trains connecting New Delhi to Chandigarh and Amritsar will get revamped and redesigned changing your rail travel experience at 360 completely. The Railway department of India is going for a complete makeover of atleast 15 Shatabdi as well as 15 Rajdhani trains in the upcoming months at a total cost of Rs 25 crores.

The governmental undertaking of revamping almost 30 trains has been named as “Project Swarn” that will change the face of the Indian railways in a big way in about three months. And Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi also falls under the project. The project will be commenced from July and will be finished by the festive season starting from October when people travel the most through trains.

Project Swarn – The Makeover Project (Chandigarh-Delhi trains)

The main focus of the makeover project “Swarn” will be on the improvement of the sanitation system of the coaches and transforming the interiors & exteriors of the trains completely. And the people of Chandigarh will be lucky enough to experience all of these changes. Passengers travelling by Shatabdis and Rajdhanis in Chandigarh-Delhi route have been complaining about the filthy condition of toilets and interiors of the coaches for so long and were really unhappy about the present condition of the trains. So the Railways has decided to:

  • Renovate the interiors of the coaches completely
  • Ameliorate the condition of the toilets in both trains
  • Make the catering system much more punctual and disciplined
  • The security system of the trains will also be braced up effectively
  • The quality of the materials will be upgraded in the coaches
  • The staff will be given a new formal uniform and will be trained
  • Entertainment options will be provided to the passengers on board
  • Like serials, films, music and much more.
  • The trains will get more punctual

The Premier Trains Up For A Facelift

The Shatabdis and Rajdhani Express trains of India are placed in the premier train category by the Department of Railway and are popular among those who want to travel hassle free. Both of them have traveled extensively from the time they were flagged off. The trains at present have lost their charm and wellness especially of Chandigarh-Delhi route, thus it was a high time for the Railways to bring about change in its Shatabdi and Rajdhani categories.

The Shatabdi trains that are going to get revamped are New Delhi-Chandigarh, New-Delhi to Amritsar, New Delhi-Kanpur, Anand Vihar-Kathgodam, Howrah-Ranchi, Howrah-Puri. And the Rajdhani trains that are defined for the makeover ply on alignments of Howrah, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, Patna and Mumbai.

Source: TheTribune

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