Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi Trains to Get Automatic Doors Like Metro

All Shatabdi trains running between Chandigarh- Delhi will soon have automatic door locking systems. This would be something very similar to metro trains. If you have ever travelled in a Metro train in New Delhi or any other city, then you might have noticed how the doors of the train coaches are opened and closed. Similar doors would now be a part of Shatabdi trains between Chandigarh & New Delhi.

The decision is taken by the Railway Ministry to ensure the safety of the passengers. In fact, many cases of passengers falling off trains have been witnessed in the past. The automatic door locking systems will also prevent the entries of irrelevant people on board.

How Will it Work?

Presently, the doors of all the coaches in Shatabdi are opened and closed manually like other Indian railway trains. But soon the locking system of the doors for each coach will be fixed. It will then be controlled by the train guard and would work similar to how doors are opened in metro train or air conditioned buses. Under this new system for door locking, the guard sitting in his own cabin will open the doors only on the arrival of train at a railway station and will close it again at the time of departure.

So, now people will not be able to get off the train while it is moving and is yet to stop at the platform.

Chandigarh Delhi Shatabdi Automatic Doors

  • The new automatic door locking system will be available in all Shatabdi and Rajdhani Trains running across India.
  • As a pilot project, the two Rajdhani and two Shatabdi trains equipped with automatic door locking will be operational by April 2017.
  • To make the automatic system operational, the cost of Rs 20 lakh per coach has been pegged by the Railway Ministry.
  • Until and unless the doors are locked, the train will not move.
  • The control over the door opening and closure will be functioned by the guard sitting in his cabin.
  • Only the doors facing the railway station platforms will open while others will remain closed.
  • The guard’s cabin will be equipped with the door opened and closed indicator panels.
  • The announcement for the opening and closing the doors will also be made along with the visual indication at railway stations.
  • The mechanism for closing the doors will not work in case of any obstruction.

Apart from these, the doors of the coach can be opened manually too in the case of emergency or the train has been stopped by pulling the chain. In such situations, there will be an emergency button to open the doors.

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