Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi Travel Time to Reduce by 25 Minutes

Chandigarh people prefer to travel by Shatabdi Express to reach Delhi over buses as it helps in comfortable travelling and consumes less time. Well here is the good news for all the Shatabdi commuters. The time of Chandigarh- Delhi Shatabdi Express will now be reduced by 25 minutes by the Railway Department.

About the reduced Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi timings

Currently, there are three Shatabdi Express trains running from Chandigarh to New Delhi in a day at a speed of 110 kmph while covering 245 km in 4 hours and 5 minutes. To reduce the travelling time by 25 minutes between the Chandigarh to New Delhi, the Shatabdi Express will operate at a speed of 130 kmph. The faster speed limit of Shatabdis will begin its journey from June by initially starting between the stretch on New Delhi and Ambala.

The stretch between Dappar and Chandigarh will also have faster running Shatabdis only when the double lane project gets finished. But for that, an approval is needed from the Commission, Railway Safety, Ambala.

However, a French company SNCF was hired to survey the Chandigarh-New Delhi track and it has suggested that the speed limit for the trains could increase upto 200 kmph only after the tracks are upgraded.

The project cost of the speeding Chandigarh- Delhi Shatabdi

The decision for running the trains at the semi- high speed was declared in the Railway Budget of 2014 and the railway department had earlier proposed to run the trains between Chandigarh- Delhi at the semi- speed limit of 160- 200 kmph. The entire project of modifying and increasing the speed limit is estimated to cost upto Rs 50 lakh.

The news has turned into a boon for the college students and the professionals from New Delhi who commute between the two cities, especially on weekends. Let’s wish that the faster running Shatabdi trains from Chandigarh to Delhi starts as soon as possible and other trains running from the city beautiful also gets modified to the semi- speed limit for better commuting.

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