New Tejas Express Train on Chandigarh Delhi Route to Reduce Journey Time Under 3 Hours – Check Features

In a very good news for Chandigarh citizens, a new superfast train is set to run on the Chandigarh-Delhi route. The new ‘Tejas Express’ will be the fourth superfast train to run on the route. There are already three Shatabdi superfast trains running on the Chandigarh-Delhi route. While the existing Shatabdi takes three hours and twenty minutes, the new Chandigarh-Delhi Tejas Express superfast train will complete the journey in just two hours and fifty-five minutes. The Tejas Express stoppage will be lesser as compared to the Shatabdi Express on the same route.

About the new Tejas Express between Chandigarh-Delhi:

The superfast train Tejas Express coaches are built in the Rail Coach Factory of Kapurthala, in Punjab. The train will run on an average speed of 130km/h although it will be allowed to reach its top speed of 180km/h in some stretches of the Chandigarh-Delhi route. There are a total of 14 non-executive Chair cars that can seat a total of 72 passengers each in 3+2 configuration. In addition to that, the superfast Chandigarh-Delhi train will also have two executive chair cars that will come with a seating capacity of 56 passengers each in 2+2 configuration. The Executive class chair cars come with adjustable headrests and leg support.

The new Chandigarh-Delhi Tejas Express superfast train comes with bio-vacuum toilets that ensure the water used in each flush is just 1.5 litres as compared to 10 litres in other trains. The Tejas Express will also be equipped with tap sensors, hand dryers, LED TV for each passenger, WIFI, Coffee vending machines, CCTV cameras and fire and smoke detection suppression system. The Indian Railways also announced that the Tejas Express superfast train will run on Delhi-Jalandhar route too.

Fare and Timings of the new Tejas Express Chandigarh-Delhi superfast train:

The fare of the new Chandigarh-Delhi Tejas Express superfast train will be 20-30 percent higher than the fare of the Shatabdi express. The train will leave Delhi railway station at 9:40 AM and reach Chandigarh at 12:40 PM and leave again at 2:35 PM and reach Delhi at 5:30 PM. The Chandigarh-Ramnagar train schedule has been affected and it will now have to leave at 4:10 PM instead of 4:00 PM earlier.

The new Chandigarh-Delhi Tejas Express superfast train will run six days a week except for Wednesdays. While the timings have been revealed already the inaugural run of the new superfast train Tejas Express is expected to happen in December when the Ambala-Chandigarh double track project is completed.

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Source: Tribune


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