Travelling Between Chandigarh & Delhi by Volvo Bus Becomes Expensive

The most common way to travel between Chandigarh & Delhi has become a bit expansive as the Haryana Government has raised bus fares across the state by around 13.33%. Travelling in any Haryana Roadways bus across the state will attract the new fares with immediate effect.

Majority of people prefer travelling by Volvo buses. One reason for this is that there is a bus that departs from Chandigarh to Delhi after every 15 minutes. If we talk about trains, then Shatabdi Express and Chandigarh New Delhi Jan Shatabdi run on a daily basis that too being almost full to capacity. But in a 24 hour time frame, buses carry more passengers as compared to these trains.

The increased Haryana Roadways Bus Fare

The increase in the bus fares in not just for Volvo buses but it has been implemented to HVAV as well as ordinary buses. Here’s the increase that has been

Ordinary Bus: 10 paise per km.

This means that it would cost you an extra amount of Rs 10 for a distance of about 100 km.

Intra-state luxury (AC) Bus: 17.75 paise per km.

This means that you’d have to shell out about Rs 18 extra for a journey of about 100 km.

Inter-state AC (Volvo) Bus: 12.50 paise per km.

For travelling in Volvo buses, you’ll have to pay an extra amount of Rs 12.50 for every 100 km.

To give you a fair idea about the increase in Chandigarh – New Delhi Volvo fare, the ticket price has been increased by Rs. 30 and for the ordinary bus, passengers will have to pay Rs. 20 extra. It may be noted that the fare of other Volvo buses owned by PunBus or Himachal Roadways has not been increased. It is only Haryana Roadways Volvo buses that have increased the ticket price.

The previous fare change was made in year 2012-13. High operational costs have made Haryana Roadways to increase bus fares in the state. However, no rail fares were increased in the union rail budget 2016, so the train tickets for all trains between Chandigarh and New Delhi remain the same as they were before.


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