Chandigarh District Courts Record 50% Increase in Women Lawyers

Nothing better than starting Women’s day by reading this commendable news. Chandigarh being in limelight after having the largest number of women conductors, now, is again ready to hold its head high as there has been an almost 50% increase in the number of women lawyers in District Courts over past three years.

From 250 women lawyers in 2013-14, the number has become 400 this year. The total strength of lawyers in the district courts is 1,950 out of which 400 are women lawyers.

Chandigarh Metro also feels proud to highlight the name of the youngest joint secretary of Bar Council “Aditi Sheroan”. She is just 24 years.

Being a woman can’t be an obstruction in any way & in any profession

Article 14 of our constitution grants Rights to Equality to every citizen of this country irrespective of their gender, caste, creed or colour. Hence, choosing law as a profession women represents every single person who believes in equality of gender. If a woman can earn and run the house, she can also pay her own bills, become successful doctors, journalists, engineers, wrestlers and lawyers as well.

Is the rise in the number of women judicial officers a promising sign of development?

Choosing this profession, women represent all women who are Independent, Working, well-educated, smart and no less than the male gender. Earlier, the profession of law was meant only for men as this profession involves going to courts, defending and prosecuting grave criminals. Moreover, ironically being a lawyer, women safeguard fundamental rights of people in a country where women are exposed to heinous crimes and denied their basic rights. Picking up this profession is like breaking the myth that this profession is only for men.

As it is a saying that the “Power I exert on the court depends on the power of my arguments, not on my Gender”…A very Happy Women’s Day to all the Independent, strong and beautiful ladies.

Stats Source: Hindustan Times

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