Chandigarh Launches Special Drive Against Drinking in Public, 4 Held

Chandigarh Police has started a drive to get a hand over the people, who drink in public. This has come into effect after the supreme court ban on selling liquor in the 500 metres radius of National Highways in India.

Although many shops, hotels and restaurants were shut down in Chandigarh from 1st April following the orders of Supreme Court, but even then Police was unable to stop people from drinking in public. To make the city safe & secure and to reduce down the rate of crime in the city, we care for you – Chandigarh police has launched a drive in Chandigarh to have a check on those who drink in public places.

3 Different Incidents of drinking in public

During the drive against drinking in public, Chandigarh police caught 4 people for the same from different parts of the city. Time to time police used to carry out these drives to avoid drinking in public in the city beautiful Chandigarh.

  • In the very first incident, a man named Gabbi Nath Chaube was caught drinking in public near a wine shop from Vikas Nagar, Mauli Jagran.
  • Following the first, second accused Shiri Krishan from the same locality was also arrested, while drinking liquor near a community centre.
  • Another 2 Pyare Lal (Burail) and Harman Mins (Sector 34A) were held from Jwala Mandir near Burail.

Everytime Chandigarh police hold this drive, more and more people get arrested for drinking in public. With the passing time, the numbers are increasing for the same. Earlier in the month of Feb, Police carried out this drive and caught over 51 people from the areas for drinking in public.

Action taken against violators:

All the 4 accused of drinking in public were taken to police station. A case under the various sections of Excise act has been registered against all the 4 accused held for drinking in public in the city. Although later on all of them were released on bail by the police.

So beware from the next time if you plan to drink in public in Chandigarh, it may lead you to trouble.

And yes, Car-o-bar also comes under drinking in public.

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