Chandigarh Too Has Drugs Problem | Nigerian Among 3 Arrested in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana is no less when it comes to drugs. The drugs demand and supply in Chandigarh seems to quite strong as we get to hear cases where someone is caught possessing or selling drugs. Yet another drug incident has been witnessed here in Chandigarh.

A Nigerian National among 3 others has been arrested by the police after they recovered 54 vials of drugs and 35 gm of Heroin in total from their possession. It was recovered from them in different suitcases. Chukuwudi (Nigerian National) is putting up in Viakspuri, Delhi and was arrested by the police near Gurudwara Santsar in sector 38 West with 30 vials of Buprenorphine and Pheniramine with 20 gm of Heroin.

Drugs – Delhi to Chandigarh 

Amandeep Garg a resident of sector 61, Chandigarh and Abhishek, a resident of sector 25-D were arrested as they used to bring Heroin from Delhi and sell it at a higher at prices to their targeted clients in Chandigarh. The police sources said that the drugs were mostly purchased by the youth residing in the outskirts of the city.

Inspector Ram Ratan of Maloya police station said that these culprits were caught on the basis of secret information. Amandeep Garg, was arrested from the area around Satsang Bhawan, Maloya, with 20 vials of Buprenorphine and Pheniramine and 15gm of Heroin. Abhishek was caught with 4 vials of the drugs near lights of Sector 25 and 38. Both the accused are charged under section 21 and 22 of NDPS Act (Narcotic Drugs and Phsycotropic Substances).

The Drugs Supply Network

Drugs have entirely influenced the youth of Punjab. The demand is high here and as Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and an urban city, drugs are being supplied here as well. Generally, the supply rate is the highest from Himachal, Goa and Delhi.

Off-lately, cases and news related to drug consumption have increased at a tremendous rate due to which Punjab has been in the limelight. Not only youngster’s but many renowned celebrity figures were also seen indulging in Drug consumption activities.

Rightly quoted by Gurdass Mann Sahb ” Chitte Da Toofan aina bahla hogaya, Rangla Punjab Mera kalaa ho gaya”! Sad, but it’s True.

Image: Indian Express

Situation in Punjab


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