Electricity Bills in Chandigarh to be Hiked By 40% | Get Ready To Pay More

Due to increased FPPCA charges, Chandigarh Administration surges the electricity bills for domestic & commercial users by 40%.

Chandigarh is all set to get its power shock as electricity bills for the months of February & March 2018 are all set to rise by approximately 40% this year. With advancement in the FPPCA charges announced for the quarter, the hike in price for the same is all set to resonate with soaring rise in the power bills in the city beautiful, Chandigarh.

So Chandigarhians, time to brace the power shocker of your lives as the electricity bills for these two months is all set to burn your pockets. The revision made into the electricity bills by the Chandigarh Administration or UT Electricity Department has certainly doubled the electricity tariff for consumers both commercial & residential.

Here’s Why UT Electricity Department Surged Prices in Chandigarh

The real reason as to why and how this surge in pricing and tariff for electricity in Chandigarh by the UT Administration occurred is due to sudden increment in the FPPCA charges imposed on the electricity department. For those who do not know, FPPCA is an abbreviation for Fuel & Power Purchase Cost Adjustment which is computed quarterly by the authorities. For some quarters, this may soar up high while for others, the Chandigarh electricity department even ends up refunding the amount to the consumers.

Electricity bills in Chandigarh city are generated every two months for the consumers both commercial and residential at different rates set by the Chandigarh Administration. It is computed as per a fixed formula which calculates the difference in the rates at which the power is purchased with the power cost approved to be sold per unit. To keep a stable value of the FPPCA, the hike in the actual cost of purchase is now directly transferred and is being echoed onto the consumers only.

Here’s How Much To Pay More For Electricity Use in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Electricity Department has now decided to reflect the enhanced charges which is all set to burn your pockets more by 30% to 40% approximately. For each consumed unit of power, a fixed amount of rate shall be generated which is different for different slabs having amounts of electricity used. For instance, an additional amount of 0.87 paise in the first slab of 0-150 units consumed as domestic electricity used has been set. Beyond this value till 400 units, the surge is about Rs. 1.63 per unit while for more than for more than 400 units consumed, Rs 1.72 shall have to be shelled out more per unit.

For the similar slabs in commercial categories, this surge is even more. Ranging from Rs. 1.67 to 1.79 to Rs. 3.89 extra charges per unit of commercial usage done. Well, let us wait and watch how this surge is taken down by the consumers with limited and sustainable use of resource made available to them post this price hike is taken down or even up further post-March 31, 2018.

So buck up Chandigarhians, here’s how you shall have to shell out more and burn your pockets for each extra unit consumed in the aiming high to become the ‘power surplus state of Punjab’ in its capital city, Chandigarh.

Source: HT


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