Chandigarh | To Fight Pollution, CTU to Buy 20 Electric Buses For Local Routes

Chandigarh is now ready to welcome 20 new Electric Buses on roads to fight Air Pollution. After the continuous and detailed testing of the concept, finally, CTU that is Chandigarh Transport Undertaking has declared the success of the project by approving the 20 new electric buses and 40 new special luxury buses. After conducting several tests, the idea of electric buses has been proved feasible by the Chandigarh Transport Undertakings department in some time.

Electric Buses Coming Soon in Chandigarh 

According to the latest updates, CTU is going to issue the RFP that is Request for Proposal today with the time frame of 15 days.  Also, the sources from CTU have confirmed that it will take only two months to get electric buses up and running after the proposal is passed. According to the Chandigarh authorities, the government has been trying to fight pollution at different levels. Introduction of Electric Bus for local commutation is a step towards fulfilling the vision of reducing pollution and creating a smart city. Although there has been no significant number on how much of pollution is caused due to the vehicle in the city, the introduction of the electric buses will definitely heal the city to some extent from air pollution.

Since June Chandigarh Transport Undertaking has been working on a project to fight the increasing air pollution in the city due to vehicles. With the regular efforts and after continuous testing of the Electric Bus in Chandigarh, Chandigarh is now ready to welcome 20 Electric Buses on road entertaining local commutation. The testing phase has been going on since June and the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking department has been patiently waiting for the perfection of the Electric Bus Concept. The Electric bus rolling around the streets in Chandigarh is designed with 26 seats.

These buses will be brought under the Central government scheme that instates the 60% of the cost will be issued by the Union Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. There are many advantages of the Electric buses apart from the Zero Emission. This proposal is going to be a part of building a smart city.  According to CTU, the budget for enabling the Electric Buses in Chandigarh is estimated to be Rs. 32 Crore Project. As per officials at CTU, the cost of every electric bus without AC is Rs. 1.5 Crore and with AC the cost of the electric bus is approximately 25 Lakhs.

Source – Hindustan Times 


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