Chandigarh’s First Police Station | Built by Britishers before India’s Independence

We all know that India got its independence in 1947 and Chandigarh was formed as a new city in 1950’s. This does not mean that the land on which Chandigarh was built was barren. There were several small villages and even the Lake that we call today as Sukhna Lake was a village pond. And all of the area, like the rest of India was ruled by Britishers.

Britishers had even built a police station in this area which is called as the first police station of Chandigarh. The police station still stands at the same position and you’ll be surprised to know the name of the station. It was called CHANDIGARH and we are sure that you might not be aware about it. Read on to know more. 

History of Chandigarh’s First Police Station:

Chandigarh – the city is less than 60 years old but the first police station in this area was constructed hundred years ago. It was constructed during the British period. The station was named ‘CHANDIGARH’ by the first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1950. That was when our city started to take shape. This police station was renamed as ‘Traffic Police Station’ in 1994.

You might be curious to know the location of this first police station of Chandigarh. Well, it falls in Chandimandir. The exact location is on Surajpur Road, just near the Chandimandir toll plaza. It is situated opposite to Chandi Mandir temple.

This old police station has historical significance. Police commissioner O P Singh, said that this police station is a heritage building and it should be preserved by archaeologists so that it can be prevented from being changed or destroyed. As of now, this police station is also the house of Panchkula Crime Investigating Agency (CIA 2).

The building of Chandigarh’s first police station is in a very bad situation. Pipes are leaking, doors are broken, ceiling on the wall is coming off due to rainwater, lose electrical wires, lockup are not properly working and much more.

The capitol complex in Chandigarh has recently got world heritage status. Such old buildings that last even before Chandigarh was developed surely are of a great significance as heritage sites. We believe that this Heritage building (Chandigarh’s first police station) which was built by Britishers can be a good tourist spot for everyone to explore, especially for those who pass by Kalka- Shimla highway.

Source: Indian Express



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