Chandigarh Shows The Way | Food in Rs. 10 Scheme Set to Go National

Chandigarh’s Food and Education schemes have got national recognition. The city beautiful Chandigarh has earned another feather in its cap. As per a report, Chandigarh’s Food and Education schemes — Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana and the Kalam Express initiated by the Chandigarh Administration have received applaud from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was also reported that the Prime Minister has asked other states and UTs to follow suit.

Chandigarh’s Food and Education schemes

Chandigarh’s Food and Education schemes launched by the Chandigarh Administration include the Union Territory’s Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana that promises food for all at Rs 10 and the Kalam Express which is a school on wheels crafted especially for children with special needs. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed city’s best practices these two initiatives are all set to be introduced in other states and UTs. With the Food and Education schemes initiated by the Chandigarh Administration going national, Chandigarh is being lauded for the endeavor.

Chandigarh’s Food scheme – Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana 

Chandigarh’s Adviser presented some of the best practices that are being followed in Chandigarh. The brainchild of UT Deputy Commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi, Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana is the first-of-its-type Yojana to feed the needy. Adviser Parimal Rai while explaining about the food scheme stated that Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana, that was launched on January 2 this year in Chandigarh by the Chandigarh Administration, is a food-for-all scheme. The Advisor added that under the Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana 3,000 food packets are distributed at different locations in Chandigarh. Seven specially fabricated mobile food vans are being used to distribute the food packets at seven locations across the city thrice a week. The meal under Annapurna Akshaypatra Yojana that consists six chapatis, a vegetable and pickle are sold at an affordable price of Rs 10 each. Adviser also stated that the aim of the Food scheme is to supply affordable, nutritious and hygienic food to the needy.

Chandigarh’s Education scheme- Kalam Express

The education scheme initiated by the Chandigarh Administration, the Kalam Express is a special school on wheels for children with special needs. The Kalam Express too is the brainchild of UT Deputy Commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi and his wife Gauri Prashar Joshi, who is also Panchkula Deputy Commissioner. The Kalam Express aims to develop, promote and maintain the skills essential for children with special needs. The Kalam Express was launched in Chandigarh last year and after the successful launch of the first Kalam Express the Chandigarh Administration rolled out the second Kalam Express a few days ago. The Kalam Express assists children with special needs to help them perform better in a social setting as well as their homes.

Source: The Tribune


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