Chandigarh, Get Ready for Chilling January | Mercury will Dip Further, Railway, Airway Affected

The city beautiful Chandigarh is off to a chilling start. Dense fog has engulfed not just Chandigarh but the temperature has also dropped down to less than 15°C in the city. There has been dense fog in the vicinity and according to the MeT department, the temperature is expected to reduce further.

Chandigarh, get ready for chilling January

With temperature less than 15°C, Chandigarh kick-started the year with a shivering January. According to the report, the day temperature in Chandigarh has dropped and has been recorded at 14.5°C. It has also been reported that the mercury will drop further and the coming few days are expected to be colder.

Dense fog has engulfed tricity – Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali. The temperature was registered six notches below normal. Even the maximum temperature of the city was recorded low and it has come down by four degrees. The change in the temperature has been witnessed in the past two days.

Mercury will dip further, Railway, Airway affected

The dense fog that has engulfed tricity for more than two day now has also disrupted both air and rail operations in the city. It was for the third consecutive day that the fog continued to disrupt trains and airplane operations. The minimum temperature during the night is recorded between 7°C to 8°C in Chandigarh which is a notch above normal.

About 13 flights and around 14 trains are reported to have been delayed due to the dense fog in Chandigarh. The morning Shatabdi, Kalka Mail were delayed by over 2 hours and 18 hours respectively. There are no reports of cancellation of flights but the operations resumed at the Chandigarh International airport only after 12 noon due to low visibility.

Chandigarh witnesses season’s worst fog

The dense fog that has engulfed tricity, has been reported to be the worst fog of the season so far. Visibility in the region went down to almost zero, especially in the morning and wee hours. The situation was so bad that the first flight landed at the Chandigarh International Airport at 1.15 pm and the last flight took off from the airport at 4.50 pm. Due to the dense fog in Chandigarh, the Chandigarh airport was operational only for four hours.

Chandigarh, it’s time to get prepared for a shivering January, as reports suggest that the temperature during the day as well as during the night will further fall by one to two degrees in the coming days.

Source: Hindustan Times


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